Pedagogy of the Oppressed, or the Colonizer?!

I usually take the Israeli harassment with a sense of humor. After all, they are occupation. They will not be normal if they treat us well. And somehow treating us well is not something I like to happen, because it makes me subconsciously normalize with their existence.

For instance, in the airport, I voluntarily offer my striptease services. I make jokes about the body check. I walk with them through all the security mazes like a princess with her security guards.

On the checkpoints, depending on the severity of the checkpoint, I wear a serious face on Qalandia, and I could be easily provoked actually, but at Ze’ayyem, it became more of a game of psychological body language. I just drive by like an Israeli, and it works …

So many stories of playing around check points and security checks. Somehow adapting rather…

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2 thoughts on “Pedagogy of the Oppressed or the Colonizer
  1. If the Palestinian people would simply speak and act friendly with the people in Israel and at all the check points they would find that they would be treated much more kindly by the people and the security forces. When they can’t trust you to not stab them in the back at your first opportunity it makes it difficult to treat you kindly.


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