#In the Shadows of Men

In the Shadows of Men


Write …

She yelled in my ears…

In writing you will be.

Stop scattering in the parts of your self.

Stop hiding in the shadows of the others.


You are your own god…

Do not allow any other human to be your god.

Or your inspiration …

For you are the inspiration of your own self.

God is within you …

Let this inspiration guide your way.



In writing lies life.

Writing is a virtue that many don’t possess.

And you are elaborately flowing …

Writing is creativity

And creativity is existence

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  1. When you say, ‘write right’ Ned Hamson,
    What does that exactly mean?
    A view you subscribe to?
    In The Shadow of Men?
    “Only the person who has faith in himself is able to be faithful to others”
    Erich Fromm.
    The people who do not have faith in themselves look for it outside….Patriarchy smells..
    So do ‘men’ who proclaim they are ‘feminists’
    Thank You Nadia.
    An irate suffragette,.

  2. May I also say….it seems to be a trend among ‘Men’ to call themselves ‘femininist’ when their behaviour is otherwise!
    Proven…the gene pool is sadly lacking.

  3. p.s.
    When asking my daughter as to why the men call themselves ‘feminist’ she said…
    ” Oh,Mum, they just wanna get liked and get laid!”
    that’s the wisdom of the younger generation…

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