A year after .. Ahmad Manasra is still in jail .. old enough (14) to be condemned according to the occupation law …


Since yesterday, a video for the interrogation of Ahmad Manasra, 13 years old from Jerusalem has been leaked. I tried to avoid watching it. The looks on this boy’s eyes haunt me. The scenes of him bleeding on the ground with his legs spread in a paralyzed position while the mass of Jewish angry mob was cursing on him, the police watching and the ambulance standing by leaving him to a darker destiny is scene that will never leave anyone who sees it.

This abduction of childhood is a crime that we all have to pay for. All. When a child who is thirteen decides to become a martyr or a criminal, it is not just the home that is fostering this. As a mother, I am hundred percent sure this doesn’t come out from homes. It is a consequence of education, desperation, and discrimination within a false application for…

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One thought on “Ahmad Manasra: A system of discrimination is a system that fosters future terror

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