Douban …A new perspective to folklore dance



I am not a big fan of Dabkeh, probably because I am not a performer, and I have never been trained to dance. But there is something about Dabkeh that definitely identifies internally with our Palestinian identity. A state of connectedness that immediately rushes in your blood giving it a new flow … excitement … pride…. Steadfastness…. Deep and high.

I encouraged my children when they decided to join Dabkeh groups. I was fascinated with their interest in learning it.


It is a new generation.

With a new taste. Even when it comes to folklore….

It’s Douban.

This mélange of modern and tradition in such a breathtaking image, beautifully painted with youthful lines and cheerful colors.

Joy and hard work…

Stumping forcefully on the ground and

Flying softly off to the sky….

Penetrating your sensations into unidentified horizons…

Breaking through your roots …

Inside an awakening dream

Of a life that can be lived

Inside the hope of the future

That is designed within an artistic plateau

That is danced with passion to life

And ambitions of dreams

A blend of a future that we are aspiring to feel.


A new perspective to folklore dance

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