Love without adoration is like a matchstick. It ignites but does not give warmth, and if its spark is not put to a fuse or a candle, it extinguishes and has no use.

The rush of love, the flurry of the heart, the fumbling to be perfect… this is our experience in love. Therefore it is not easy to accept failure after such intense emotion. But this is life, I always try to remind myself. That now-distant person once shared moments with me that filled me with love and life. Even my ex-husband. I shared with him many beautiful moments … as well as the worst moments. The hardening of our emotions was brutal. A love that size can turn dry and stale.

The worst thing that can happen in relationships is the feeling of failure over what was once a major excitement. At first, our hearts burst with emotions. But the final emotion is often hate.

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Exploring my own Shoes ... somehow my walk , my way ... Being a woman is one thing . One important thing of originally two things. However, living in a global patriarchal dominance makes one thing dominant of another . A lifetime struggle of women resilience for being the one thing they are Women . All the resilience of being a woman is another ONE thing . For being a Moslem woman is another thing . Being a Moslem woman living in an Occupied land is definitely a totally other thing. What if you add divorce to this ? Being a Woman, a Moslem , a Palestinian and Divorced … makes the introduction to living in my shoes… Living in a Shoe of a Woman. PS. English is not my first language.. I know I often need to edit , however, there is something in the power of the 'click send' button.. ever since I did it the first time .. I enjoy clicking directly from my heart...unedited...

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