A year ago like today …. In memory of Ali Dawabsheh and his family.


It is impossible to see the video of a woman bidding a final farewell to her child , who yet didn’t become a man and remain silent .

Silence and blindness towards this brutality that continue to shatter mothers’ hearts . the world has joined in solidarity last week with a lion who was hunted brutally by a human that the world agreed he was a savage and a psycho . the scenes of the poor lion dead were heart-breaking ,and the campaign against the killers was just and important .

Today , Laith ( a lion cub in Arabic) , 17 years old was murdered by a bullet shot from the back to stop his heart forever.

We may not have witnessed the grieving of Cecil the lion’s mother over the loss of her cub. But laith’s mother was there to mourn her lost forever cub.

My heart mourns…

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