In the Shadows of Men

No matter how the man’s role changes, he is totally convinced he is the only one, that he was born to be unique and special. He is the copy that will never be pasted. And what unites all men despite their differences is their absolute belief that they know you better than you know yourself. They are convinced that they possess the solution and the equation, and through them secrets are revealed and masks fall.

I don’t blame men for this. And I cannot understand why women submit to this as well. Did the men give themselves this level of authority or did the women assign them this role? Even with the most specific details of their lives and emotions. You see the sheikh’s of men ruling in women issues. Books of law-shari’a are filled with rules that govern the inner lives of women, which, they claim, only men can specialize in.

“No embarrassment in science,” they say. A man can teach me about menstrual pain, and how to clean myself, and how to shower, and when. The knowledgeable man also knows what makes me aroused and what my body needs and how to touch me. The honorable scientist can go into great detail that, as a woman, I am too shy to describe. And for me to mention it would make me impudent and immodest. He is the jurist, the lawmaker, the wise man, the pure, truthful sheikh.

You find the women rushing to ask the man how to cleanse themselves of impurity. You find her asking him about the proper sexual position her husband should use with her and when, telling about details she doesn’t reveal even to her mother. “There is no shyness in science or religion,” the saying goes.

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