Abbas… a disgrace to people

Call me radical. Call me a fundamentalist. Call me a warmonger.

I don’t care. If being Pacific, a peacemaker means walking in the funeral of a man whose hands will forever remain stained with Palestinian victims blood. A man whose Palestinian diaspora and expulsion have been primarily manifested by his contribution. A man whom because of his orchestrating of a Zionist Israel we Palestinian will continue to live under the rubbles of a dream of a state.

Well, Peres is dead, and hopefully, he is now handled by the hands of real justice.

What is damn frustrating, the so-called Palestinian president who rushed to the funeral with his convoy of amateurs.

I admit I am furious; my language will be as angry as my state of mind. It is not the anger of a man who died. I have no problem with Israel and the world mourning him.

I have a problem when the Palestinian president who is the last to be seen in any Palestinian tragedy, in the first row of the mourners with his convoy of eunuchs.

Abbas and his leadership have officially proved to the world and the Palestinians that they are nothing but a bunch of mercenaries.

There is a limit to what one can handle in the deterioration of leadership. If there are real people in Palestine, he should not be allowed to enter Ramallah again.

This man never entered Jerusalem or attempted to, living in his luxury of a presidential compound where he is related to nothing but his issues … anything but the people. I was trying my best to justify his meek behaviors thinking that he was real pragmatic. One time after the other. When we want to hear him, he addresses the Israeli people. When he wants to show compassion, he mourns Israeli victims. He gave away the right of return as if he is the custodian of the refugees. He has been serving every single Israeli security affair since he became president, and the naïve among us would still think the man is wise and pragmatic.

The images from today’s funeral made me furious, and I feel the need to throw up, as I see him and his boys with their meek subservience proudly entering Jerusalem to pay respect to the killers.

I feel disgusted….

This is not a leadership … These people are more of traitors to themselves as they are to the people…

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