I am still taken with all the reactions of yesterday, in regards with abu Mazen participation in Peres’s funeral.

I am not sure if I need to put any word of ration to explain all the rage we Palestinians experienced yesterday. There are many things that remain symbolic in life, and among them in the best scenarios of a peaceful solution, forgetfulness is not related to forgiveness.

We can assume that Peres died as a man of peace, which is of course by all means not true, each time I mention the word Peres, what I see infront of my eyes is Qana massacre in 1996, two years after his receiving the noble price for peace. We can assume life and peace are prospering, among a death of a man like him; I cannot, as a Palestinian is part of. This should be a rule. I don’t think Peres would have wanted to participate in Abbas’s funeral.

But let me try to be calm and rational now. I have to say I have expressed myself enough yesterday. Each time I was seeing a video of the funeral with the Palestinian delegation was just getting furious and automatically post something mad. My rage ended in writing an article under the title of Abbas does not represent me which unexpectedly was published on Ra’y il Yom which made it become a real statement and thus my word press was booming since yesterday … it is true I want to become famous, but I don’t want to get killed. I was actually very satisfied.

In the morning I was awakend from an sms from a friend of mine whom I have of course mentioned in my article of yesterday. He happened to be in the delegation!!!!! And I happened to have used really strong harsh terms on the delegation … for a moment I felt ooooooops… I have to say I thought about him, especially that we have just talked a couple of days before. This made me in a way rethink what happened yesterday. There are actually no words to rationalize or justify what they did. And there is nothing to offer us as a new discourse. But yet there was this rational person in me who despite of being extremely mad, still want a way out from al this. In a relatively just human solution.

But ration doe not seem to be what triggers the authority and who ever are still following it. The day started with the news of arresting an official who expressed his dissatisfaction with what happened yesterday. He was immediately dismissed and arrested. This act of terrorizing people is definitely not the solution. Or wont serve to any solution. There were many empty explanations from media people that only made people get mad. And worse, there was an official statement by the preventive security on their Facebook page to track and attack who ever is not abiding with the law and criticizing the president. This was not the worse part. I entered that page to see the comments that were written. I truly felt I belonged to a different people.

It is mainly such people that the president and his mob address and somehow they think this is the population. I felt like being inside a military regime, as if Israel’s military enforcement on us is not enough.

It feels fearful in many ways, living under a regime that is more of a police and security enforced also on how we feel.

But it remains painful more than the fear it may entail, seeing such a deterioration in the Palestinian fabric . A deterioration that resulted of years of corruption that made us become all part of this decay .

2 thoughts on “A decay in the Palestinian fabric….
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    Occupation wears on everyone – the occupied, the occupier, the watchers, the reporters, the land. Goodness and grace are never entirely worn out but harder to see and feel as the grayness of denial blurs everything. Being able to feel anger and remorse are good signs that you are still alive, capable of being hurt and willing to risk for love, grace, and mercy.

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  2. there is this feeling of numbness… lots of layers of frustration and fear


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