Women and their honor killing 
A Palestinian woman , 26 years old , killed her husband some days ago in Gaza . The system quickly responded and she was sentenced to death penalty .

It did not take the judicial system to have a consensus that she was guilty , especially that she committed her crime with a prior plan and will . Of course no one there cared for the reasons . The penalty for killing is simply death. 

It is as well , irrelevant to know anything behind the reasons that makes a woman who is already living in a suppressive poor environment where she is barely treated as a human being , kill her husband that he was basically oppressive . To get a woman as such plan a killing to end up her unbearable life under the tyranny of a man did not move any of the legislators hearts . After all , beating women seems to be a norm to them.

Of course , we cannot as well know if the man was cheating . A reason in a reversed case gives the man all the right to kill her , and the maximum penalty he receives is a couple of years that is usually an exception , because In most of the time they get away with it , at most with a couple of months . Since it is his duty to purify his honor . Whereas in the case of this woman , the man cannot even be a cheater , because he is naturally allowed to have two or three or four or and whatever he can afford . It’s the higher legislation of God that gave him this right . 

The whole discourse now became whether she gets a death penalty or not , ignoring the problem of having death penalty in the first place .

The real problem is in treating this woman as a criminal . Not that she is not for the fact that she really committed a crime . But the diversity and unjust situation in the similar crime a man commits against women. 

If men are sentence to the maximum penalty in crimes of killings , the number of women victims will definitely diminish . But what happens is that it actually encourage men to kill women and they have a path out all the time “honor”. Whilst , women , as in this case , will just live under the same suppressed situation because the only rule of law she can access it the rule of the law of that man . 

A woman does not have the luxury of honor killing , because men don’t have honor according to the customs … And sarcastically it is true .

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    A woman does not have the luxury of honor killing , because men don’t have honor according to the customs … And sarcastically it is true .

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