We decided to join the evening prayer next to the lions gate . All gates are closed except to people who prove that they live inside the old city . The lion gate was impossible to reach . The flower gate was heavily checked with soldiers . We tried our luck with Damascus gate and an Ethiopian soldier thought we were eligible to enter without check . He thought we were not Muslims enough probably !!! Thousands of people were gathering for prayer opposite to lions gate in the ally towards via Delarosa. Towards the end people started chanting. Suddenly I felt my daughter jumping towards me with tears as she thought shooting was unavoidable as agroup of soldiers ganged around a youngster and started hitting him fiercely . It was all too close and scary .. We managed our way out and continued to have tea on the steps of Damascus gate … All what is happening seems unreal… But something inside me wants to engrave these memories of jerusalem …. For a time that may come and we lose this opportunity of being here …

4 thoughts on “Jerusalem resisting oppression 
  1. Oh no, don’t say that, don’t even think of that, habibti!
    Palestinians will keep Al Quds. I do want and need to stick to this belief.
    Diru balkum!

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  2. and thank you for the beautiful pictures!

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