A lifestyle of segregation

I was invited to make a talk with students in a school in Jabal Al Mukabber in jerusalem. I liked the idea, and I  thought it was close and convenient … After all Jabal al Mukabber is out there . 

Of course my negligence won my intelligence as I thought that the neighborhood is an easy to reach place… The tayelet is a frequent area that should be a good landmark to the village . I found myself discovering villages that I always knew existed and actually visited throughout my life. Unlike what I knew in the geography of my city , these villages are a segregated, fragmented and isolated parts of what should be a central area in Jerusalem. We became strangers in our own spaces . It get natural to drive through talpiyot, arnona , tayelet , even to nes harim which is inside the village , but reaching Jabal al Mukabber felt like visiting the inferno . The only sign that leads to the village is the sign you see when entering the village , no preparation before. You can only go there if you already knew your destination . No street sign can direct you to it. We are talking about a few kilometers or separation from what sounds like heaven and hell. Civilization and decivilization. 

As I struggled reaching the school , I finally found a building in the middle of what seemed like a graveyard . They are trying to make it look like a livable place by putting attractive colors and friendly drawings, thought to myself with a mockery attitude  . How can people survive such a hole of obvious segregation. A few meters up is the great walk through of the best part of jerusalem, and yet, the people of the place live as if they are a part of an interactive scene that tourists can look at from above. 

But as in everything with the people of Palestine , we are survivors by all mean. 

I entered the school and an inspiring feeling took over me . The way this school works with the students. The friendly atmosphere that is capturing the walls and classrooms, proves that there is still a place for hope despite the ugliness of life under a surrounding suffocating occuaption .    I will leave the rest to the pictures ….. Sometimes , as in the case of living in jerusalem reality is impossible to be explained but needs to be seen by the eyes to grasp the impossibility of living for a Palestinian …

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      1. Supposed to be yes but suppression is all around us. In North America, we are suppressed by stupid reality tv, debt and no financial assistance for daycare costs which are close to the cost of mortgages yet both parents are supposed to work. We are suppressed to keep us from asking questions about the REAL world and issues

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