let’s turn Gaza’s Return March a Collective March of Freedom…let’s inspire the world

 Somehow the idea is just getting riper in my head. Can we all join forces in making a real difference?
As next week is marking the 70th year of Occupation and Gaza will be in its 4th week of the Symbolic Return Marches, I would like to call all human rights believers and all those among us who believe in freedom as a destination to all humans… let’s support the cause towards freedom with kite-running-flying friday, where we will fill the sky with kites… a resemblance of hope and peace and a call of freedom for a future… let us fill our skies with kites….. and prove to the governments that kites bring freedom not war-planes, rockets and missiles.
( of course I have no idea how to transform this into a campaign.. please spread your wings and let us run the skies with our kites… and share widely …Maybe …we can!


For the third week in the row, people of Gaza are inspiring the world with their creative ways of resisting occupation.

As things got bloody and murderous, through unhuman retaliation by the Israeli army, killing un-armed, peaceful demonstrators, in three weeks in a row, Gazans only continued to resist bravely and violently.

After the tires burning and flag burning, I think the red message has been out and transparent and productive.

As I was looking at the photos of today’s march, There was a 25m high Palestinian flag hanged, and somehow kites were running across.

The scene really captured my eyes, and I was thinking, what if we fill the sky with kites next week.

Next week will mark the 70th year of Occupation, and it would be great if we can all send a message to the world.

To the world that really aspires freedom in as simple as being free to run a kite.

let’s decorate the skies with Palestinian kites. let’s make families gather on Nakba day for a dream of liberation that can only come if our children can still dream.

The world needs a lesson of inspiration …

I trust the people of Gazan can lead the way …

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