Happy Nakba to the celebrative nation of independence today

Today marks the 70th year for the state of Israel .our Nakba day is however, on the 15th of the coming month, May.

My daughter was asking me , isn’t this supposed to be on the 15th of May . This reminded me of our Islamic holidays, I thought . Why would Israel connect the independence with the Jewish calendar ?

The answer is quite simple within a world of colonization under the name of the Holy.

How much is it a coincidence that Israelis commemorate days of the holocaust a week before . As if the independence is god’s reward to the holocaust . A Jewish god that rewarded the poor Jewish people oppressed and murdered under Nazi Europe with the honey and milk land of Palestine .

How the Israelis today wipe off from their memories as well as current history the oppression and murders they conducted and still do on Palestinians . As if they came here to an empty land and those more than half of a population that was displaced, killed, and kicked out of its land and was torn apart on all levels does not exist.

As one looks around and see Israeli flags everywhere, shamelessly, without even thinking how many lives were torn apart, lost, perished for this flag to become a reality for people who were victimized by l others…

Happy nakba to all those celebrating independence today

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