Al Khader- seized with settlements

You can have the best vine yards in Palestine… the grapes that are considered the pride of the area , settlement wineries are competitively confiscating and stealing to sell ‘holy’ wine … you look around and attempt to take a breath with the breeze of nature with the smell of vine leaves and drying almonds awaiting a new phase of its season … you look deeper and you start noticing caravans , houses that are quite shubby stacked on hills watching the land . A huge settlement surrounds the area. Outposts are another invented threat . The Palestinian farmer thought he won the case . He succeeded in getting an order from the court to remove those caravans from his land…

The officials start a commitment to the assumed demolition !!! They decide to open a road. … another road to bring the bulldozers into conduct the demolition . Lands are confiscated for the assumed removed illegal outposts on the illegal settlement on the Palestinian farmers land move to … the road is a highway project for a more expansion of the growing settlement… all under the name of fulfilling law…. law of occupation that systematically cleanse people and land

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