32475313_2087241621603332_5701049037914898432_nWords are failing me, as I am watching the fall of human lives, with the world watching numbly.

It all sounds unreal… but yet… it is all so real. People are getting killed while they are marching peacefully on their land towards their land.

This moment in history that will marl the stupid, resolution, arrogant inauguration of an embassy forever, challenging and violating international law and UN resolutions, by a state that was created the resolution, a and a state that claims power over any resolution.

This moment in history is a shameful moment for anyone who still believes that blood running in his veins is the same blood that stopped running from Palestinian innocent lives perishing by the brutal system of occupation backed by imperialism

One thought on “Gaza… a failing moment of humanity
  1. At least the American media is covering the Palestinian plight……hopefully this country will wake up to these crimes…..I hope you are well and safe my friend…..chuq

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