This is really scandalous!

While Israel kills a Palestinian young man in the village of Nabi Saleh, not far from Ramallah. The PA forces arrest around thirty people sitting in a cafe in the city center of Ramallah. Not only were the detainees accused of not fasting, but also with gambling.

The public shame that took place in the city center, when three police vehicles came and arrested the people is unforgivable.

What are they different from Hamas Islamic governance? What would have they said if Hamas did the same in Gaza?

I seriously feel speechless… embarrassed …. to admit that this is really taking place.

Then we blame Daesh?

We blame fundamentalism?

What do you call this?

How do you want people to live in a place where they don’t even have the freedom to eat or not to eat when they want?

Ramallah and all other cities are not cities inhabited by Muslims only. And Muslims as well may not fast.

Fasting is obligatory for those who want to fast. The rest is peoples choice and responsibility before God .. not before the government…

Meanwhile ….

Israel detains the funeral of Izzideene Tamimi!!!


2 thoughts on “Detaining nonfasting​ people in Ramallah
  1. Palestine is better than this.


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