The BDS Movement wins again

The BDS Movement wins again

In Arabic, the word Muqata’a, which is the meaning of boycott, also means the Presidential Compound in Ramallah.
Today was an important day in the Muaqata’a movement.

We are talking about the (BDS), which has achieved a new victory in the cancellation of Argentina’s friendly football match with Israel. Argentina announced earlier today, the cancellation of Argentina’s National Team participation in the game, in response to pressure from BDS activists around the world. The match was to be held in Jerusalem as part of Israel’s celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the occupation.

This is not the first victory in recent weeks for the BDS movement, as the BDS has made Shakira apologize from participating in a ceremony that was to be held in Tel Aviv later this year.

At the same time, Israeli public opinion poll in the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth accused Israeli Minister of Culture Miri Regev of responsibility for canceling the match, in response to the previous wrangling and derisive remarks that challenged Messi’s comments, in which he announced that he would not shake hands with Israeli officials in the match.

On the Palestinian side, the president of the Palestinian Football Federation did not rest in trying to cancel the game, including a protest in front of the Argentine representation in Ramallah and inviting the fans of Messi to burn his photos.
The call for Rjub to protest Messi’s participation in the game by burning his photo’s and his T-shirts were very not smart. I keep asking myself on why we never manage to get a step forward with this cause? As long as our leadership uses such tactics to put pressure on someone like Messi, one can only imagine how horrific our PR agendas are!

Indeed, Messi did not fear the photos, the federation president wanted the audience to burn if he played the game in Jerusalem, but there is an essential lesson for everyone to learn from.

The BDS movement and its activists around the world, emphasizing here on the global movement, is facing with unabated determination and unquestionably the belief that Israel must be boycotted economically and culturally to end the occupation.

They do not call empty slogans, and they do not try to undermine the benefits at the expense of the people, but believe that what is happening to the Palestinians by Israel is a blatant violation and a crime that Israel must punish.

These people prove day after day that the movement to achieve justice must prevail.

Everyone knows how much pressure is being exerted on the activists of the BDS movement in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Israel is devoting budgets to criminalizing the movement and its exclusion in the West and the world.

The restrictions we are witnessing on the supporting institutions of the BDS, and the active individuals in the movement are severe, painful and increasing. However, these people are not disturbed except by the occupation of Palestine, and they insist that the boycott is a duty and that the only possible breach in the occupation is the economic and cultural boycott.

What is being circulated locally and regionally about the uselessness of the boycott, can be hit by a wall to anyone who believes that the voice of injustice and tyranny cannot be defeated.

The persistence of all who believe that their cause is just, their land and their demands must find an echo of acceptance as long as they are not submissive.

What happened in Jordan as the demonstrations broke against price rise is another example, which reassures us that the right holder is sturdy. Not only that, the rightful owner of the right to take his right is subject to respect for the other even if his opponent.

The right needs power, and power is not necessarily related to money, weapons or influence. Power needs those who believe that no right is lost if demanded.

When those who have rights do not beg, but demand, then right must prevail.

Let those who live in our authoritarian province (muaqata’a) understand that the right is taken if the owner believes in it.

Let them learn from the popular movement in Gaza and its marches.

To learn from the popular movement in Jordan and the victory of the demonstrations against the unjust new legislation.

Let them learn from the BDS movement and consider!

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