A pit bull attacked a child somewhere in Jerusalem, and the child was announced dead a week after.

A German shepherd attacks a toddler playing next to it, and it was taped on video.

How horrific dogs are !!!!!!!

Well, petting pitbull and a German shepherd needs more than petting … but for an Arab mind, a dog is just a dog. A relationship of a master versus a slave. A pedagogy of oppression that the Palestinian youth can conveniently practice.

It is actually more than that…

Owning a pit bull or a German shepherd is worthy of holding a gun, and a gun machine. You walk proudly in the neighborhood with your muscled monster next to you.

In a culture that actively defies petting dogs, it only confirms how horrific our patriarchal structure of nonsense is continuing to self-destroy everything.

The relationship between Palestinian youth and dogs is reflected in a severe mental disorder, with the theoccupatioThe

Palestinian sense of power versus weakness. A master versus a monster. White versus black. A soldiePalestinian.

Resistance in Jerusalem between petting attack dogs and festive nights of Ramadan awaits a final Friday of the holy month, where masses are about to be counted in glorifying the numbers of believers who obediently respond to the call of the divine.

While in Gaza with a new morning of resisting oppression and insisting on screaming to the world with sounds that are turning into perishing lives, the mother of Razan al Najar wears the bloodied uniform of her daughter and takes on the plight for saving lives on the direct seam of killing.

A march to Return to Jerusalem is the motto of today … another bloody Friday awaits innocent lives in Gaza, and in Jerusalem, Ramallah and elsewhere, the competition on serving Iftars is the theme of all right believers.

Fateh organizing iftar in Abu Dees.

Consulates organizing Iftars for political “believers.”

The EU organizes Iftar for the people with special needs.

Families are rushing to fulfill their commitments for the gloried deeds of the month…

And we will be watching with soreness another day in Gaza…while switching from Ramadan Episodes and purging meals after a long hot day of fasting.


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