Our Religion between Fasting and hygiene

Photos from Awwad Sharaf

Our Religion between Fasting and hygiene



As a Muslim, there were some basics in this faith, hygiene is a part of worship. That was one of the first pillars of teaching, I learned. Prayer, fasting…were the pillars of Islam as a religion.

I grew up to think that I understood this commonly. Before practicing pillars of Islam, hygiene I need to practice pillars of faith hygiene, as a result, is a prerequisite for islam .

So hwat happened?

How come muslims are so tightly holding to rituals while they are totally abandoning basics of what should be required of those rituals.

Afte ral the chaos on the non fasting folks in ramaalh and dtaining them. It was of course no surprise to hear the welcoming comments on such act ( punishing the infidels who dare to hurt the feelings of fasters) .

I actually like how the terms change suddenly and it all becomes about virtues and senses. Those have to consider the feelings of the others.

Well, this can happen only when the other is the mob of fasters in this case.

I could say , that I may agree. Those non fasters should behave and be considerate . in the end, drinking water in a hot day is the last temptation of the fasting faithful.

Imagine if he smells the aroma of coffee. I really empathise with the cause of the fasting people.

However, one cannot , not see during the same chaos what was goin on in Ramallah. The cleaning people in the munisicpality went on a strike, and the city was left in a serious chaotic mess.

Imagine what will happen if these people don’t work.. actually no need to imagine… we saw.

But somewhere this made me zoom in the misery of our hygene issues.

Lets say those cleaning people were inconsiderate also in choosing Ramadan to squeeze the municiplaity’s balls. Where is the nation of the faithful fasters who should to the least clean their own dirt.

If there is a real law and order that claims faith. The punishment should be conducted on those who throw their left overs of dirt everywhere with no consideration to the environment, to sight, to all senses, and to health . not to mention of course the striking abundance of virtues and ethics.

Clean your own mess. Not others… is a minimum for anyone who claims virtue. What if this anyone is a virtuous muslim who is fasting !

It is a schezopfrenic state of living …

While occupied in dirt and fasting …

I missed out Gaza…

Gaza that insists to teach us every single moment new meanings of faith. Faith in a freedom that should take place. A freedom of a life without siege. Without occupation . with basic rights of the living .

A mother wearing the bloodied uniform of her deceased daughter , and taking on the plight .

A child perishing seeking a homeland he does not even understand what it could mean living and perishing under siege.

And kites…. Proving again… that there is no limit to creativity …even under a fierce, brutal siege and occupation.

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