A bubble in a bubble..friends for football

football for friendship…. this caught my attention!

Curiosity made me wind up in a search, sharing with a facebook friend the happiness of her son’s achievement in joining the team in Russia.

I felt my usual dis-relation with the place. I must have been out of contact with people for some time. I thought.

It turned out that the platter football association in Ramallah and the football for friendship one thing that belongs to the FIFA. Young Palestinians join FRIENDSHIP football with the world.

Egyptians, Saudi, Syrians, and Israelis are there as well…

The surprise ended here for me .

Another project like the seeds of peace , that injects illusional transformation and makes no difference except that of the same soap bubble… better quality of soap that makes the bubble roams longer.

As if our world ended out of all its conflicts in this conflict and it is time to make friendship…

A bubble in a bubble…. and reality on the ground is explosive…

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