And the ball goes to Hamas side!


This should be a conspiracy! A global conspiracy! Well, it could be a dangerous tactic in the Palestinian World Cup!
Well, this is where we can reach. We are tired of cheering for Barcelona or Real Madrid, Liver pool or Milan. Chelsea or Roma …Damn, we need to have our leaders, scouts, and players, for we have audience …and of course we have two fighting coaches.
Ok..this sounds like roosters fights… I guess it applies more to our image.. maybe in our case they can give us a football court for our roosters’ fights… since the gamblers are not the audience… it is a direct hidden and declared a deal with the roosters’ owners… of course, no coaching is needed here .. and the relationship is that of ownership…slavery…
Suit us more!
What happened today in Gaza during the March…
Let’s also ignore that it is no longer RETURN, and it is about Salaries and Electricity… and rethinking it … who can ignore this?
But what do we want ? those masses who have been on death line for RETURN where out there just for an opportunity to get maybe to a border of freedom where starvation is not threatening?
Even this I can understand !!!
BUT, the ROOSTERS owners, who know that the bargain will be lost if they let the game take a different floor… Could it be that the mafia behind the games paid to change the rules and of course the location?
Let’s also ignore all this …
People went into a rightful march, demonstration demanding for what is fundamental for any human and probably ROOSTER.
So what happened next?
Oppressing the demonstrations and deciding that it was a Fateh among a Fateh fight will solve it towards a Hamas better image?
Hamas guys… is it not your security forces supposedly protecting people? Fateh Dahlan and Fateh Abbas entered a fight … your security forces hitting the demonstrators where representing who?
The result is that we have all supposed to be leaders fighting one another and using the people as their bates to who brings down more sacrifices that can be counted against the other…
IF I were israel… I will be living my best times…
I am not surprised…. Most of Palestinians are not as well… this is a natural consequence of a state of no law, no elections, and a mafioso model of the rule on both sides.

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