In Gaza: why do they choose suicide over martyrdom?

In two days, two suicides in Gaza. Recently, suicide is growing among the young men of Gaza. Maybe women too, but statistics would not be shown when it comes to women committing suicide for sure.
Suicide brings with it a scandal . to the person who commits it, to his family and it is a severe issue in any society. What makes anyone ends his life?
Two shocking stories from Gaza, A young Mahmoud brings an end to his life after a few months of marriage.
A detainee in Gaza’s Security forces of Hamas commits suicide just before he was released.
Well, the second story sounds more than just a suicide. But let us stick to the official account of the Islamic state of Hamas. The man committed suicide.
We also don’t have to think or even put our heads into imagination mode when thinking of what takes place on both sides of the Palestinian security forces. In this case, both fate hand Hamas have undoubtedly received the same training in torturing those who oppose their rules.
In the last months, suicides have been just increasing in the Gaza strip. Something that is, by all means, astounding for two reasons, the first is cultural and religious; suicide is something that is denounced entirely and hated. Those who end their lives with death maintain a terrible end inside the society and of course on God’s end. One cannot walk in his funeral, and they are denounced religious burial and families cannot announce public condolences.
The second reason which is tricky, why would anyone choose suicide when he can become a martyr. At least one can trick the society. He can maintain a salary for his family. A proper funeral that is well deserved by heroes, and of course the occupation and its trainee and trained soldiers are just a fence away in the weekly marches of return on the borders of Gaza.
Why would someone choose to take the scandalous way?
Why would someone choose to end his own life knowing he will be burning in hell as a believer, and his family will forever hold within his memories inside the society a scandalous attribution.
The answer is quite apparent…
Not only had these people gave up on life, but they have also given up on an afterlife. In a culture that holds its people to get wind with the afterlife, these people have lost it all. They don’t want the immortality that never gave them a proper life.
People are starving and getting to a level where death brings more mercy even when it is securely paved towards hell.
At the same time, these people have lost faith not only in their families, who cannot do anything to help. And maybe cannot be courageous enough to end their own miserable, worthless lives.
These people are at rage not only with a God that may have given up on them, but those performing rulers who use their lives and their deaths for their political means.
What one can only sense from such suicides is that these young people want to make sure that no one benefits from their deaths in any ruling faction.
It is frustrating, sad, and miserable… but somehow it is sadly speaking another act of great courage. To decide to challenge all including God… inside a life that is not giving but misery, and a natural consequence in death that cannot bring hope to smashed hopes of whatever is left under occupation and seized existence.

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  1. Thank you for writing about suicide, writing about the fact that men are more tracked than women. Most importantly, thank you for opening up more than one lens to view suicide from, yes while death is sad, we must look at the courage, the love, the kindness of the people that take their life away from this planet we all share. We should still honor the wonders of their humanity.

  2. Regarding the article ” in Gaza “, these people are getting so desperate to get to the idea of suicide and ending there lives in such a way. They are choked inside Gaza and not much to do, or like you said they don’t want let the Islamic State get the credit out of there death and that”s most likely. Again, in my opinion, they were so desperate to the point they couldn”t take it anymore, unfortunate but real.

  3. As an American, I think the reasons for suicide are different here than they are in a place such as Gaza, or other countries that have known violence. Not all can be put neatly into a category, though. People in America don’t kill themselves to make a political statement or for martyrdom. Young black Americans and American Indians don’t have any more suicides than any other group of people that have trouble coping.They want to die because of depression and they don’t see a way out.

    Mental illness is at the root or many. Lack of support from family or community is another. These are people who are not being accepted for who they are. Teenagers commit suicide because they feel their life will not ever change for the better. Adults kill themselves because their lives didn’t turn out the way they wanted or they did something very bad and got caught and the ruination of their lives is more than they can bear.

    But Americans do not kill themselves for their country. They don’t blow themselves up so they can also kill many other people with them. Americans do not understand what many others do – living in a country where the people have been severely oppressed or perhaps their communities have been bombed. We have not lived fear for our lives every day and not know how to change it. It makes us very arrogant thinking we are somehow better than others. Sadly that attitude is what is bringing us down.

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