Freedom with Malak

It feels great to write an article, thinking of a title that is as simple as not dramatic. In a normal Palestinian day, it would be freedom FOR Malak, or PEace to Malak, or Malak the Angel… But today is an inspiring angelic Malak ( Malak in Arabic means Angel).

Malak, a young woman, the age of my daughter and a dear family friend whom I observed growing up, together with my children.

Malak, a Jerusalemite who is trying to shape her Palestinian identity without prejudice and influence, but her own experience and attained knowledge.

In a time when technology allows secure communication and offers information engines with unlimited boundaries, Malak was able to break through her path in life first by successfully applying and accepted to Georgetown University, after writing an impressive essay about her life as a Jerusalemite, that secured her a welcoming entry to the prestigious campus.

Well, it is not a matter of technology and accessibility of course …alone. Malak chose to read, while most people decide to listen to songs, to follow Kardashian and co, and dream to become pop singers or movie stars or regional- national idols. Reading opened gates of possibility to the young lady’s bright mind.
Malak successfully reflects on her personal life as a young woman living in Jerusalem in her blog. She writes brilliantly and thinks in a critical analytic way that can debate with experts and scholars.

Prince William of England announced that he was visiting Palestine. As Palestinian authority in Ramallah was welcoming him in the Capital Bubble introducing falafel and entertaining him with Dabkeh. Malak made this visit worthy of seeing a Palestinian.

Not her mother’s connections, not the abandoning father had any effect in what happened next…

The royal prince meets with the young Palestinian woman… Malak…

Malak decided that she wanted to meet the Royal Prince. To talk about Jerusalem, about her dreams and expectations. About the obstacles and reservations of this place. About being Palestinian… About being educated, knowledgeable… about being a free human being.

She emailed the consulate and put herself on offer… and not surprisingly her message was received with a welcome that provided her with a meeting with the prince.

Malak showed that Cinderella exists, even though all the shoes that were following the prince inside the mysterious land of Ramallah only taught him the stepsisters (PA), whom the stepmother (Israel) tried to influence the Prince in seeing Palestine..

We need a generation with Malak’s mindset towards freedom. An age that is keen to know. An era that turns obstacles into creative solutions, and difficulties into paths.

We need a generation of Palestinians who believe in themselves, and set their own goals and move towards fearlessly, courageously and competitively ….like Malak.

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  1. Anti Nadia I’m speechless by your words. The only reason I started reading and thought of a world bigger than whats in front of my eyes was your books. Your humongous library. I was so jealous by their number and wondered how they all fit inside your head. I wanted to be the same when I grew up and I knew i was already way behind on my reading so I started consuming books like crazy. I owe you so much in life just because you’ve always existed in it. Thank you for encouraging me. Thank you for taking time and writing about me. Thats such an honor and I’m forever grateful to you. Malak

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