On Occupation

lifestyle of humiliation

I wonder how people manage to survive daily checkpoints. The level of dehumanizing whatever is left of our humanity. When this continues on a regular basis, how can we ever maintain understanding?

The privileged Palestinian that I am, by not having to cross checkpoints on a daily basis, was disprivileged in having to go to the ministry of interior office today.

I am not sure where to start from. The appointment of five months that I missed ( due to my negligence) ( i know I should be accountable on that level). I was late five minutes for the appointment that I mistakingly thought was an hour later. I was late five minutes from the date that I scheduled five months ago. As a reasonable attempt at keeping my humanity in place, I took responsibility for my negligence and tried to set a new appointment. The closest date was in 2019.

since it is practically impossible to make a new appointment, I tried my luck again this morning.

one would think, the jammed squeezed people in line will no longer be there, but to my disappointment in expectations again from occupation, it seemingly does not make any difference.

you make an appointment, but yet, you wait in the same jammed squeezed line where a soldier awaits you with a troop to check your entrance when they like.

After more than an hour in line, I was pretty early, coming at 730. I managed my way in line with feeling lucky to just look behind my back to the endless track.

Inside another line awaits, so that you take a turn for the other part of the inside. I was, of course, privileged, they wanted to give me a number to proceed. But after registering my name, i had to wait until three in the chance that they might call my name.

They were damn serious. They ask us to wait for seven hours to get service… all this to renew a travel document.

well, when it is impossible to tolerate the line, the humiliation, the dehumanization of your very existence… you can, in case of emergency pay triple the amount and get another temporary travel document for one year, that you can use for six months from the airport.

They make a business out of humiliating us …. and yet… seriously… there is no way out … but their metal checkpoints.




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