Save Schmidt’s School from being Sabotaged

An Open letter to the German Representative in Ramallah
To all German Institutions in Palestine
To all Schmidt’s Graduates
To all Schmidt’s students
The Ministries of Education, Foreign Affairs, Tourism, Jerusalem, and Environment.

Save Schmidt’s School from being sabotaged.


I need to be calm …
I cannot.
In an announcement made by the Higher Education office in Jerusalem, condemning the act of Schmidt’s school administration in donating the school museum’s mummified animals through the German Association of the Holyland.
In an instant second, a flood of memories was invading my head. This is not just about a few mummified horrific looking animals that used to scare the young children that we were. It is about a heritage that is beyond things. It is memories of a whole life of one generation after another in the last more than a century. A hundred and thirty years of memories of graduates of this school. Hundreds and thousands of graduates and their families, teachers, people, places! How dare they do this?
Schmidt’s is not a German school. It is not a regular place to be. The fact that administration changed does not mean and cannot say that the school becomes sabotaged by any of its administration. Whomever they are.
It is evident that this is part of the Israelizing scheme, but these people know nothing if they think that a school is just about providing education.
These people know nothing if they think that the reputation of this school came of their administration. It is us the graduates of this school a generation after the other. Who built the fame and the essence of this school.
The Germans do not own this school. It is our school.
It was the Germans’ when Germans were part of the heritage of this place when they were part of raising generations of Palestinians working hard to preserve the history of this land. The moment they try to sabotage our heritage and donate it to Israeli museums. It means that they are part of a scandal. They are partners in this scandal. Is it not enough that we Palestinians are paying the price of the old German mess?
If the administration of this school thinks for an instant that its liability is towards Israel, then we need to discuss that.
Schmidt is a school that produced an army of women for generations. It is a hundred and thirty years of heritage, culture, and education that blended with the essence f our identities as graduates. Jerusalem in its best face is shaped through the hands and wombs of the mothers who once were students at this school.
It is not about a stuffed animal. It is about memories. It is about a heritage that is left merely amid all the losses we live inside.
Th school administration is either negligent and utterly ignorant, or they are part of the Israeli plan in Israelizing the city of Jerusalem that involves the government. Moreover, since the school has become a governmental entity of Germany, I call the German representative office to act immediately to stop this sabotaging to our heritage.
I call all Palestinian representatives, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Tourism, the Minister of Jerusalem, the Minister of Environment, the Minister of Foreign Affairs to act with full responsibility to this violation of our history.
This is not just unacceptable.
This is refused…
We will not allow our school to become part of this Israelized scheme in destroying and diminishing our history.


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