Please don’t give up our memories: Schmidt’s is not just a school

In a place where everything is distorted and forged by occupation. You need your memory to preserve your space. A homeland is not just a territory, an area, a geographical spot, a location, natural resources, etc. A home is the collection of memories you preserve carefully in your heart and mind and share it with your children and grandchildren as the years pass by.
When I bring my memories on Schmidt’s out of the box of memories, I tell my friends, my children, and my people of a generation that is newer and is living under harsher circumstances where the history of the space is being eliminated slowly.
What happened to me when I saw the photo f the mummified animals and the Schmidts collection packed in a glass cabinet, felt like imprisoning my childhood. An act of sabotage to my entire history. When I tell my kids the stories of my school. There is this part of the hideous path to the museum of nature. The hollow basement that included a collection that is packed now in a few squares inside a cabinet.
It reminded me of the 101 dalmations, of the films about animals being kidnapped for circuses.
It is really brutal.
I am close to entering into despair.
To give whatever is left in the chain of memories that keep us hopeful for a better future with fulfilled aspiration.
It feels criminal…
It feels like a stab in the heart. My pride as a graduate of this school. My real trust that while everything around the entrance to Damascus gate is sabotaged and violated, the school stands proudly protecting the heritage of Jerusalem.
It feels like betrayal…
It is stupefying to realize again.. that the West cannot bring good to the East…
Just a continued act of orientalism.. not understand the culture of this place, except what they see from our mess. This school always represented us. Our strength, our capacity, our dreams that can reach the sky. Our strong challenging to the obstacle of the world outside.
They stole it and locked it as they did with these animals. A glass cabinet in a showroom is all that can remain about us ….36606384_10156608845917650_5154555565220823040_n

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