Erdogan, a liar or a liberal?

A friend on facebook posted a photo for Erdogan with his wife next to a famous transgender figure in Turkey. The person was asking if this photo will make those who support Erdogan’s dream of the reviving of the Islamic empire change their mind?

Being a Muslim and narrow-minded seems to be a nature of what comprises Muslim people.

I do have many reservations on Erdogan, but I look at him with admiration for the fact that he managed such a progressive regime under the name of Islam. In the general view, he represents what I think Islam should be; progressive, open and inclusive.

(by the end of the day, the man had to delete the post with the photo, as his Muslim pro-Erdogan friends were undelighted)

To decide if Erdogan is good or bad, better or best from his “gay” inclusion to the society, only triggers the fanatic understanding of why the world attacks Islam today. This exclusion towards anyone who is not like “us” is the tragedy of Moslems today. This “us” gets so narrow that at some point it will be only that “me only.” This can quickly explain the tribal, clan thinking we live in. However, then, Erdogan manages to destroy this. Thye love him … and he must have something in mind.. after all, politics is the art of the possible.

My daughter said yesterday as we were having dinner: ” I want to confess something.” Of course, eyebrows were raised, but then I quickly thought, a revelation on dinner would not be disastrous. ” I watch Haifa Magic.” She said with her eyes down.

“Who is Haifa Magic?” I thought I am discovering the world of youtube and Instagram. This Haifa magic has millions of followers. I remembered that some months ago, a women clothing store opened selling the brand of this person.

I learned that Haifa Magic is a transgender Lebanese social media icon, who decided to look like the iconic sexy Lebanese singer and actress and model Haifa Wahbeh. Haifa Magic used to be a man, and his\her fascination and admiration to Haifa made him\her undergo 26 plastic surgery to change gender and to look like Haifa and better, in a real race on a bigger butt and boost.

Haifa Magic must have been gay before deciding to become Haifa. My daughter started an interesting debate on the woman. ” I feel sympathetic, and yet I admire her courage. She must be suffering.”

Right I thought, I feel not only supportive but empathetic as well to these people. What worse could it be than living inside a body that does not reflect your sexuality? I firmly believe that it needs enormous courage to come out, and in the case of transgender, it needs immense strength.

These people probably grow up bullied and isolated, and they turn out to be the most courageous of all. However, how much is Haifa MAgic alike are brave and bold?

When my daughter sneaks into watching her tubes, she feels embarrassed fro mth sexual content that her tubes contain. She, however, feels curious about her courage to be what she is.

I tried to explain that Haifa in this sense cannot be someone who is serving the cause of, such people because sexualizing and eroticizing herself does only bring her more money and fame. It has nothing with the purpose of someone who has to live his life as someone whom he does not feel and then needs to make a drastic turn in his life and body.

As I was thinking about Erdogan, and how includes the gay community into the big society, I could not but admire him. Trying to look at the man without all his political ambitions and regional greed. Including minorities as such is beyond progressive in a region that lives inside a religion that strictly prohibits these people and a culture that defies them.

Like my daughter, I could not but continue to think of how much we lose when we discriminate and excommunicate people from our societies, who were born merely to be the unique people that they are if we look at them with kindness, not with judgment. I cannot believe that someone chooses to be gay. I think that these people touch their uniqueness that our societies are still far from understanding and accepting. Accepting what is different.

I cannot live in the mind and soul of a gay or trans person, but I can know very well how hard it is to be different from what the society wants. What if you are different from what the community is.

I admit that I felt good discussing the topic openly with my daughters. I was content for an instant seeing Erdogan picture before it became a debate on the horrific reality of our fanatic beings.

Whether a liar or an opportunist, I applaud Erdogan for his inclusion to the different people in the society without discrimination based on sexuality. This is the only way we can move forward towards a livable future.

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  1. Wonderful post. I was only saying to a friend today how much I used to enjoy Arab culture 30 or 40 years ago. The wonderful markets and mosques, the colours, the music. These days I would not dare to show my face in Morocco or Ankara. These days I fear we run scared of Islam on the streets of London and assume the worst. Sad world. We need more people who think like you do.

  2. Rejecting people who are different is a worldwide problem. I can’t think of any conservative politician in the USA who would have a photo taken with a transgender person. Someday, we will all understand, as many teach, we are all just people, and everyone deserves to pursue happiness in their lives.

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