What is wrong with Hamas pacifying with Israel?

After months of continuous killing in Gaza as a result of the Marches of Return on the border of Gaza, and after a decade of what can count one of the most brutal seizes in the modern time, Hamas is said to be holding talks for calming the situation with Israel.

Why is this bad news to Palestinians in Fateh, and anti-Hamas people in general?

What do we want from Hamas? Going to war is blamable and trying peace is breaching?  It is true that we Palestinians want to see a victory against Israel. We want payback for all the losses in lives to be paid differently. But why do those who hold negotiations with Israel, those who believe in living with Israel and have no problem living under Israel, and are a natural consequence of Oslo have a problem with that?

What is wrong with Hamas seeking peace with Israel. I think this is the wisest thing Hamas would do. Realizing that Israel is there and there is a need t talk with them, as much as Israel is acknowledging Hamas is an important step forward towards a better time … in a way…. if we think of the situation through the organizing ideas of Oslo. Why can Ramallah and the west bank seek peace with Israel, while Gaza cannot?

I find it blunt and rude to hear the opposing of Hamas and Israel talks towards calming down the situation from people who make the peace talks and negotiations their life. Why this hypocrisy with Israel . is the peace with Israel conditioned with the Oslo Fateh people ? if I were Israel i would think of how horrible these negotiating folks of Fateh are, who wants conditional peace.

isn’t Hamas not acknowledging the existence of Israel is the obstacle to peace?

I honestly bow to Hamas with respect for being wise enough to move forward in this … knowing that Israel will never seek peace, I understand that this is not going to be a new page between the two people. Knowing that Hamas knows this about Israel, makes me hopeful that Hamas will not fall in the same trap Fateh fell in after Oslo… You can make reconciliation with the enemy, he cannot turn into your friend!

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