Where is the Palestinian Authority leading Palestinians?

It is not healthy to keep crying about bad luck and misfortune. But somehow it is really depressive to live the way we live as Palestinians. It is realistically speaking a hopeless situation. As much as we may agree that Israel is the reason behind our misery, we are part of this misery as well. The fact that Israel continued to grow from a minimal existence, in parallel to the fact that we continued to diminish with the diminishing efforts to cleanse our survival as a nation. We helped become the situation we encounter today. Almost a century of a history that we are witnessing and continue to repeat itself changing faces and sometimes only changing names.
In the race of waiting for the president to die and handling the presidency to someone everyone involved (except the people) know will walk on the path of the current president. Viewing the Palestinian history of the last 100 years did not change regarding its leadership. So to be for to the current president, he did not bring any change from those who were long before him.
The problem is by many means Palestinian. While I can easily blame the Palestinian leadership for being unpresentable to the Palestinian people’s aspirations, I can, not remind myself that the people come to form us, the people. Thye is Palestinians.
But then there is something about this Palestinian person that insists on fighting for freedom . to resist . to sacrifice life when needed for a cause bigger than life. How does this come together?
The change needs to be done inside the Palestinian structure itself. And apparently, the path is still too long until we reach an end where we can start from it a life of the liberated nation.
I can also understand why we suffer from such an internal mess, after all, we are people who continued to live under a particular way of occupation in one direction and another. Our history does not encounter independence. Israel however, came into our existence to wipe out our identity. The difference resides here, other nations who lived here did not try to change our personalities and wipe them to build theirs. We became as a result stretched with loyalties to others while trying to keep what resembles us as people.
The problem is here, how come we did not recover yet . after a century of the same story of one occupation, why haven’t we learned the lesson? Why do we fail to bring in leadership that can bring about our aspiration as people in freedom ??
Could it be a typical effect of lack of freedom and sovereignty that does not allow those who lead us except remain followers?
The dismissal of the minister of prisoners Qaraqe’ and the appointment of Nabil Abu Rdeina as a vice [prime minister and minister of communication and media only tells how meaningless things are becoming and with no sense at all. No connections between the dismissal and the appointment of course. The only relationship is that of distraction and minimizing the reason behind dismissing an official who seems a rare case in commitment. A good reason to reject him of course!
I am no fan of anyone who agrees to serve in the Palestinian Authority’s offices because there is no legitimacy in whatever is taking place, this is why good fit people should not accept such positions. But I also understand that some use this as a real opportunity to fix things, but this is another obvious case to what happens when your cause is evident and vivid!

2 thoughts on “Where is the Palestinian Authority leading Palestinians?
  1. I’ve spent a decade criticizing Israeli policies and actions. I’ve been remiss when it comes to criticizing the horrible Palestinian leadership. I will continue the former, but I should also do more of the latter. Thanks for this post!

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