Many probably know the famous story of Mohammad Ali Pasha,born in Albania in the 18th century. he served as a higher commander in the army of the Mamlouk -Ottoman period. He was assigned as a ruler and a coup from the Mamlouk’s . They try to attack him but he traps them and wins. but the conspiracies against him never stops , and the British wanted his removal ……

After several battles he wins after many defeats …and he keeps the Mamlouk’s away… but he could not trust …


One day he invites all the commanders and decision makers to his son’s camomoration for his new rank in the citadel . On the entrance they are required to leave their weapon. During dinner he signals to their slaughter. A total of 400 people were killed. The fights continued and a total of a1000 Mamlouk were killed in the coming days. Blood filled the way to what became later the red path – al darb al ahmar.

The famous mosque and the place built to his favorite wife remain a remarkable resemblance to the greatness of what once was…….

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