My Book Reading Challenge

After Kiki and banana and bucket challenges, and of course many others that my attention did not grasp, I decided to enter my own challenge. We live in a free space of challenges after all.. or so we think. I am not hopeful about having my challenge becoming a trend of course. I am a […]

Umberto Eco…a masterly mind in fiction

via Umberto Eco…a masterly mind in fiction

Umberto Eco…a masterly mind in fiction

I always loved Umberto Eco. On Literature, was a guide of masterly work on literature. In the Name of the Rose, the selection of articles. It always felt great to encounter such a writer, more of a philosopher. When I met him in Jerusalem, it was a disappointment. To start with, seeing him in a […]

Ahed Tamimi stardom of Heroism and the eclipse of everyone else

Before I start, my problem is not with the young woman\ teen Ahed. On the contrary, the girl always impressed me as a child, and I continued to like her way of resistance with her family and villagers in Nabi Saleh. Somehow, a different flavor in the way we introduce resistance. And above all the […]

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