Breaking the silence: Defacto annexation..operation settlement duplication

Creating enclaves , the fabric of life road , the separation road , 360 degrees of surrounding settlements …

60 to 70 percent of settlements in gush Ezion need to commute everyday to jeruslaem for work. Walking through al Khader , Bethlehem can only remind them that they are not from here. Elevated highways became the only solution after bypassing rods to make the settler drive and live in comfort of not seeing reality of being occupiers .

On on entrance to a settlement gate with a special yellow color it says : this gate is a gift for you from Oslo..

Oslo remains a natural continuation of the semi final chapters of existing Palestinians . The British mandate was the first phase preparation for taking the land. Oslo is the second phase in the operation … eradicating the chances for any Palestinian entity .

Now we are expecting the final phase of wiping what is left from being Palestinians .

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