Hebron : the unveiling vicious reality of occupation

It is easy to keep silent about the truth of what one sees in Hebron. I ma not sure it is the heathy way of dealing with the situation .

Is it shocking ? Inhuman ? Insane?

Cruel? Vicious? Criminal? horrific ?

Yes it is …. it is occupation .

The true face of occupation inside a monumental model of walking through what it means to live under occupation .

While walking through what is called the ,”‘sterilized” area . Sterilized from Palestinians of course , I could not but relive long decades of what it means to live under occupation . I was able to see expulsion , threats… I was able to see what it meant to make life impossible to be lived … absolutely impossible .:

One good news about what happened today while non stopped harassment and assaults for a continuous couple of hours.

Rethinking it all …. this only proves that occupation cannot be cruel, and cruelty cannot sustain its power by more cruelty …. at some point it starts eaten by itself …

So much hatred , racism , fascism , criminalism…. too sad for humanity to have humans who lost the meaning of what it means to be human ..


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