The cause of the Bedouins in the Naqab

Since the occupation of Israel to Palestine , bi place was left without ambitions and greed to grab more of land and expel as many people.

The Naqab desert was no exception , but a determination. From the 1.25 million Dunums of land that was registered for Arab Bedouin during the mandate period . The struggle of the Bedouin’s today does not exceed the demand of 125 thousand Dunoms of ownership . A systematic policy of expulsion continued, in 1951 the Bedouin’s were expelled , later new laws were designed to keep them away . The absent present law, the un recognition of villages ….. today 45 villages with more that 56 percent of the population of the Naqab live in unrecognized villages…

One can only imagine what this mean… no services, schools, healthcare, hygiene, ……

Yet…. the struggle to survive continue with inspiration

P.s we are talking about Israeli citizens here!

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