Mahmoud Abbas’s Historical Speech! Disgraceful as a norm!

As much as the word Historical could resemble some critical moment that could be recorded for history, Mahmoud Abbas’ speech gave a speech that was more of historical like him, something that has been repeatedly said and outdated.

History, however, will record a shocking moment that was witnessed by the international community, in a place that saw the recording of brutal Israeli violations since the creation of the united nations assembly.

It sounds as much as it feels pathetic to read and hear people who still follow Abbas’s troops of interest announcing that the speech was “moving,” “historical,” “explosive” a powerful!!! Can these people be serious?  What did they hear that was moving or historical or powerful?

The announcement of the failure of the talks with Hamas? The direct declaration of assault and threat to Hamas and Gaza?

This declaration of the official fragmentation fo a nation is a historic announcement to those who liked the speech?

Or is it the almost begging for negotiation with Israel that was moving?

Does he think that we believe a word of what is said about Jerusalem in his plea for a state?

Palestinians realize after 25 years of Oslo, that Abbas was the primary designer of its contexts, that the state of Abbas does not exceed his presidential block and the access to the money he and his flock pumped on behalf of people.

Today , we Palestinians know that Oslo marks the final phase of the Zionist project that was facilitated by the mandate period in preparation for the  Zionist state, and was finalized by liquifying the Palestinian cause into an authority that serves the security of Israel and facilitated the expansion of the settlement ,the Israelization of Jerusalem , the continuation of occupation in a permanent apparatus of oppression and control.


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