How ridiculous is the General Strike today?

Today, 1st of October, the last day of the Sukkot holidays. The day the Jewish people in Israel close their religious holiday with a final redemption.

The Palestinians, everywhere, announced a general strike, that was initiated by the Arab parties inside Israel, to condemn\refuse\…the new national law, that declares Israel as a state of the Jewish people.

Was it pure negligence from the side of the organizers to decide this specific day as a day to demonstrate by strikingly striking the streets of Israel in a complete shutdown …while everything in Israel is closed?

Alternatively, is it a complete submission and fear from consequences, as well as abiding with the easiest to declare a strike in a day that is a holiday within the overall Israeli places?

If this is a problem, the fact that the call was responded with “joy” from the Palestinian territories who happened to have a normal working day .. even Gaza decided to join the “national’ request to strike.

While hundreds of thousands of Palestinian students did not go to schools today. The same amount somehow did not go to school on the Israeli side as well… they did not have school anyway!

While tens of thousands did not go to work today from the Palestinian side. Hundreds of thousands did not go to work from Israel inside as well.. because today is an official holiday!

While Palestinian shops and stores closed today. Israeli shops and stores also closed today.. because they prefer to spend the last day of holiday on the beach or in retreats overseas.

So at the end of the day, we Palestinians, ended up losing another day of no productivity to tell the world that is not hearing, and the side that is abusing us, and we want to challenge vigorously to prove that their law is infertile without our strong presence. We were a typical outcome of a proverb we were taught as children ” empty vessels made the great noise.” I have to admit that with the silence of the atmosphere as a result of the Jewish holidays, our voice is also making an echo!


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