independence under occupation

Independence under occupation is a real state of definition to the Palestinian cause. Today marks the 30 something year since the declaration of independence from Algeria . I apologize in advance for the absence of accuracy from my dates and places in this sense, because somehow I admit that my brain refuses to register such occasions. After all, it cannot make sense. How can we be independent when we are living under occupation?

What do we tell our children today? We are on this national celebration holiday on the occasion of what independence. Where we as a population that stupid not to get that the meaning of autonomy in the sense of those who declared it was their own independence as a PLO from roaming around the world and thus coming back to what they agreed to be Palestine- Ramallah as the current place for all state affairs, with the group of benfieicieries who grew to extend the required services to their families nad children and whatever helped them utilize this cause to make them rich then richer?

This morning marked an image that represents the situation by all means.

The diffrent social media outlets were sharing photos for the head of the police department in Hebron ,who carries a title of Brigadaire general kneeling on the ground fixing the tire of an israeli jeep while the soldiers are standing around him watching. Assisting him was a nother senior Fatah member who is also the dean of education in hebron university.

The photos really reflect it all….

The reality of independence under occupation .

while in gaza, when an Israeli military jeed=p attempts to enter, well they can’t enter except with invasions, however, when undercover Israeli militants enter Gaza, the result is a confrontation as courageous as the one we witnessed two days ago.

while also wondering what to teach our children about independence under occupation, the dean of education gave the answer…

After all, we live under what Mahmoud abbas calls: the security coordination is holy.

sadly speaking, the police chief was sent to investigation after firing him from his position, in order to save the face of embarrassment… I cannot but say, or think, the man has a lot to defend himself, after all, he did what he was preached to do, paid tribute to the holy security coordination

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