I am unable, not share this overwhelming moment of my life. The year started with some exciting encounters, that included the finding of the woman whom I am named after Nadia. Zoe, our beloved dog, almost disappeared and was found by the tremendous efforts of my darling brother.

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As life moves on, and my children are stepping out to their future, I felt as if a journey of life just rewound itself as Hiva stepped in her first career. Somehow all those challenges, trembling threats, unbearable difficulties, almost impossible attempts to make it amid storms of turbulence. Sounds of insistence that I will not make it … we will not make it. Somehow as Hiva is entering her own “I” definition of her universe, I feel this moment untie me from that chain of us into a new chain of Hiva’s own path.
I feel as if God finally smiles to me and says: ” I told you I will always be on your side.” With all those moments of almost giving up. I think of Hiva’s life and feel grateful to the strength she encountered, the fears she battled, the challenges she stood against.
In times when it almost felt that school would not even be on the horizon, a double Bachelors and, a master wee achieved training in the best News outlets in the world from Euro News, to RTL, to Reuters and DW. Gaining an opportunity in a dream place became just a natural thing to happen.
My daughter made it to AJ+,

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