an optimistic article: Be proud are Palestine!

I have to admit, that I have been cynical. My writings have been harsh, and when humored it is all in black. I am critical to a level that I even cannot bear myself anymore. But what should be done?

I am approached often with a criticism: Nadia, I enjoy reading you, but I am mad at you. Don’t you see anything positive?

The editor in chief criticizes my articles and refuses to publish each time I put a title that blames the people.

I really try my best to be positive, and this is one… after all, I have to see the bright side of this life of being a Palestinian… Is it not enough of a privilege to be part of the holy of the holy spot in this universe?

I would like to thank the photographer of the excellent, spectacular scene of snow taken for the dome of the rock area. It really made the whiteness of the few moments of snow as pure as the hearts of just born children.

However, one day after, no more purity was left of the place regardless to the children that remained in the vicinity of the Aqsa, the Israeli police decided once again to enter in what is becoming a new norm…

in Palestine, the president is celebrating his becoming a president of the 77 nations league. I have to admit that it does not even arouse my curiosity to know who those 77 countries are and what are they doing. After all assigning Palestine at this position makes it as inefficient as it may turn out to be. Who appoints a country that is not a country to lead such a league? The president Abbas is roaming the world signing treaties and joining associations and becoming president … when the Israeli troops are wandering in his capital city of Ramallah with not a single Palestinian official getting his head out of the window of his comfortable office and complain.

They should complain to the international community, about the harshness of the conditions the Israeli authority imposes on its soldiers invading Ramallah in such cold lousy weather. The Palestinians have decided to keep their security people in warm and cozy conditions inside their quarters.

Not to be harsh on the Palestinian authority, the prime minister announced that they will not allow the Israeli troops to enter inside their buildings. After all, this is an autonomous state. The Israeli soldiers can roam and move as much as they want in the streets and neighborhoods of Ramallah, they can arrest, they can pee on the walls and on the buildings.

The attorney general in Palestine was forced to result because it was realized his assigning was not “legitimate.” the word legitimate is very elastic in Palestine. How do we define legitimacy inside an illegitimate system? But after all it was a good sign of cleaning the mess of many illegal posts… the abolished AG has been part of issuing outrageous decisions out of his domain in the public area, sarcastically, they may need someone to create more misconduct to their abusive acts against this nation.

Could it be a coincidence after the release of the prisoner in their command (Aqel, an American citizen holder who was accused of selling lands illegally to Israeli settlers)and handing him to the Israeli authorities?

But one should seriously be positive, and education is the answer … We will get it all fixed by the phantom like, matrix power minister in black who promised innovation and is fulfilling it with his black suit persistantly .

The minister has announced the abolishion of homeworks for students from a cetian age to a certain age . you read this and think, wow!!!!! what is missing is just being part of the scandenavian countries. it should be the snow effect that made the man beleive we reached this far.

Of course, the minister cannot be blamed, after all his children go to a private international school, where this deicisoon makes sense ot his children. the school is the place where children should learn , but how can we expect students to learn when classes lack minimal educational environemnt. PAcked classes, freezing rooms, hard environemnt for teachers, minimum salries. actually, our students only survive the system of education with their mothers forcing them on their sides all afternoons until beditme with the slipper right next ot her side in order to make suire her son memorizes all by heart. yes, it is true the tawjihi  ( instructional )has change to injaz (achievement) , and the “sabri” innovative prize gor memorizing english words that was adapted (except for the name thatwas adapted to the minister’s name)from a similar competition years ago in Jordan. So this move of no homeworks come in line iwth the miniter’s illusion of an innovation in education that he only sees.

How can one be optimisitc when these people continue to drag us to the hollow levels of a living hell…

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