Death sentence for the murderers of Susan, Sawar, Yara, Samar, Aya, and Niveen


The list of names of women who were killed in cold blood, where the murderer got away or received a lenient sentence under the category of “honor crime’ is long. It goes on and on, to be the father, brother, husband, lover, cousin, and uncle. Any woman or female can easily be killed because justification and argument are ready for any murderer, and the first protector is society, not law.
Every time you kill a woman, the obvious question arises: What did she do? From the first moment, the crime is justified even by the near before the far. There is always a reason for the male to kill the female. It is explained by the custom and allowed. There is no importance to law or order.
In the past few months, we have heard about the killing of women from the occupied Palestinian cities under Israel,  in the north in succession, where even the geographical location has not deterred the murderer. The latest murders were the murder of Susan Watad of Baqat Al Gharbia in the Triangle Area. Susan apparently was killed by her husband. It was not surprising that the murderer was a husband. A month ago, in the same village, the murderer was a brother and father, and from the same village, there was the victim of  the Australian murderer. All the killers had the right to kill even when the killer was Australian. Prompting him to rape and kill her. In the Negev, the girls disappear and do not return. In Lod, Ramle and Jaffa, the stories of murder are routine.
In 2018 14 murders have been detected and more than four in 2019 so far. This is what has been revealed and announced, God only knows the real numbers.
Zubaida Mansour, Rima Abu Heit, Fadia Qadis, Noura and Hayat Malak, Nora Abu Solb, Amana Al Zubarqa, Afaf Jerbawi, Manal Fizayat, Shadia Misrati, Yara Ayoub, Aya Masarwa, Samar Al Khatib, Iman Awad, Sawar Qabalawi and Susan Wedd.
In the West Bank, it is enough to stop the murder of Nivin al-Awawdeh to understand and understand how power with the masculine system and corruption play an integral role in the killing of women and society. And the science of the author of the science of the extent of the crimes in which the victims are buried and knows only the culprit and the family collusion.
In the areas of power, it can also be said that the threshold is raised, when you find masculinity in its backwardness up to criticism of the women of the demonstrators and described them descriptions shameful and defective.
What bothers me about the crimes of the Palestinian communities cities inside Israel, in particular, is the absence of the pretext of a closed society and imposing customs instead of laws and absence of law. In the West Bank and Gaza, it is understandable that weakness in the authoritarian system helps weak enforcement of laws, as well as customary and tribal rule in certain areas. The idea of women’s weakness in the areas of power cannot be overlooked, especially when such crimes are committed, in which the female is less entitled to rights and education and living in conditions of tight closure.
In the occupied Palestinian territories of the occupied Palestinian territories, the female has learned and elevated herself to prestigious positions. Looking only briefly at how many graduate women with Ph.D. degrees are already working, how women’s status is so tragic despite community education. When monitoring female education in these communities, it must be emphasized that, on the other hand, males have reached more educational and professional levels and certainly more important. Why do murders continue and escalate?
The recent crime against Susan Watad looks like a religiously veiled woman and the head of an opposing family, a possible description of each previous victim, between a student and a mother who decided to get rid of her body because he had decided something by himself. In the past we used to purge  the idea of such crimes to ignorance. Today, we see the murderer educated, conscious, and open.
What is going on in society to take steps back? It may be more troubling that the killer husband, in this case, celebrated with his wife the day of the woman and brought her with his children and roses on Mother’s Day a few days ago. Where are the leadership, awareness-raising, and symposia held around the clock in villages and cities, in schools and universities for the sake of equality and empowerment of women?
Why does not a man change this society?
Why does not a society that has changed its situation from a rural society to a civil society that speaks languages, obtains diplomas, dresses, eats and roams the world like a natural universal human being change?
Can the real blame be inflicted on the authorities, whatever, that make the killing available and possible whenever the victim is female?
Or the problem is originally in the core of the society of mothers and fathers, relatives and relatives and neighbors, friends and colleagues, parents and teachers did not change within them tribal thought, which insists that see women as a secondary element (male) the right to own.
How did education, diplomas, work, and travel not change us?
How have we not changed despite the technological revolution that made all things available and all spaces are mixed and open?
How could Facebook document the history of living hypocrisy and schism in our lives as females and males in this society? We show what our souls hide, and highlight what our reality represses from backwardness needs to be broken and then buried in different areas so that it cannot be re-installed again.
The mercy of God victims of injustice and underdevelopment.
The title was just an April Fool’s lie.

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