In the Shadows of Men

in the shadows cov


She yelled in my ears.

In writing you will be.

Stop scattering the parts of yourself.

Stop hiding in the shadows of others.


You are your own God.

Do not allow another human to become your God

Or your inspiration,

For you are the inspiration of your own self.

God is within you.

Let this inspiration guide your way.



In writing lies life.

Writing is a virtue many don’t possess

And you are elaborately flowing.

Writing is creativity

And creativity is existence.


I see you standing at a crossroads

Looking at yourself

Unsure which path to take.

The road everyone chooses?

Becoming like everyone else?

Or to be you,

You the writer.


Writing is your creativity drawn in words.

Do not leave it,

But hold it up.

Marry writing.

It is what remains.


Be you,

You the Goddess.

Do not allow a god to drive you or inspire you.

You are the path

And the inspiration.

Write and inspire.


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