What is happening in reaction to the Century’s Deal?

Of course it could be all coincidental, after all, there is nothing left but coincidences within a reality of deterioration on all levels.
Are the Palestinian prospected leaders waiting for the moment after Abu Mazen’s death or the moment in implementing the Trump’s Deal of the Century? The problem here is that the coinciding historical moments are not serving anyone but Israel and Trump. Whoever attempts to become the new president knows well that the price of oppressing people should not be the ticket to leadership. Combating in the rally of endorsing the Trump’s initiative,  is a direct bullet between the eyes. Whoever is trying to gain points for becoming the next number one in the messy rally of Palestinian authority is entering a dead zone.
What happened in the last few days after the suppressing of the celebrations of the release of a prisoner in Qabatya, that resulted in killing a young man and injuring others by the PA security, not only proved the violence of the PA’s security system in oppressing their own people, it showed that it is just about oppression and totalitarian attempted rule that is awaiting us, when the governor of Nablus, Rujoub came out , again with a different scenario of incidents, not realizing that an internal fire has been just ignited.Them is Fateh, and them is also that very narrow stream of leadership that is paving its way through enslaving the rest of whoever wants to be a Fateh or considers himself to be. Fateh is the sign of the new rule and opportunities. If you are not Fateh then you are the other . and this difference is the enemy . and this enemy is of course not Israel. Israel is the occupation that feeds their existence and makes them continue to suppress…as long as they are protecting the life of Israel.
The expectations or the worries were in awaiting the moment after Abu Mazen’s death. The stateless affair, and the eruption of violence among the Fateh factions (mainly)in the race of presidency. However, what took place reflects clearly that the violent situation that can erupt is already in the launching mode.

Whatever, whoever is thinking may be holding the leadership after Abbas is doing, will only lead him and this nation to a more deteriorating reality. It is not that we will enjoy more mess.. but one thing is real, we are tired of this situation. We are losing all that makes us this nation of struggling towards its liberation and turning into this eventually fading nation that will end itself.
It is sad to see such people taking over what should be Palestine… it is not that disappointing after all, to realize that these people only represent themselves… we Palestinians are others.

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