Bio: Exploring my own Shoes …

somehow my walk..

my way …

Being a woman is one thing;

One important thing of originally two things.

However, living in a global patriarchal dominance makes one thing dominant over  another .

A lifetime struggle of women’s resilience for being the one thing they are….

Women .

All the resilience of being a woman is another ONE thing .

Being a Moslem woman is another thing .

Being a Moslem woman living in an Occupied land is definitely a totally other thing.

What if you add divorce to this ?

Being a Woman, a Moslem , a Palestinian and Divorced … makes the introduction to living in my shoes…

Living in a Shoe of a Woman.

PS. English is not my first language.. I know I often need to edit , however, there is something in the power of the ‘click send’ button.. ever since I did it the first time .. I enjoy clicking directly from my heart…unedited…

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  1. It’s about time!! Thanks so much for stopping by “It Is What It Is” and the follow. I hope you enjoy the visits there!! Peace ….

  2. It is not easy to understand the difficulties and pleasures of another. I am reminded of a phrase “…to walk a mile in another man’s shoes.” In your case, “…another woman’s shoes.”

    I wish you success with your blog.

  3. One hell of an About! This is so descriptive with the least possible number of words used. You are a wonderful lady, regardless of how this life puts us through. You touched my heart with your words, and definitely I felt every feeling the words held behind. God bless you.

  4. Nadia, I thought you might be interested in this:


  5. Just came across your blog and I LOVE it! great one!

  6. “Being a Moslem woman living in an Occupied land is definitely a totally other thing” … Sure it is … However, you said it yourself … A WOMAN … And a Palestinian … The Strength & Courage, the Limitless Giving … Being DIVORCED … Live your LIFE and stand out against the Odds ,,,

  7. It would be great if your blog has a “subscribe” button or something like that to get notifications of your post. Unless you also have a facebook page. Just been introduced to your writing after i read your great open letter to Abbas.

  8. I have much to learn. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to begin.

  9. A powerful “about” – I have also read some of your posts, and I feel ashamed of my easy life. Thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter.

    • Thank you for your words. I think each one of us has his own way of a difficult life. Somehow, our capacity to adapt is what makes us “miraculous” creatures….or maybe it is just a natural way to survive.

  10. Congratulations, Nadia!

    I have nominated your blog for the Awesome Blogger Award.

    More about this is at

  11. Love your About and take my hat off to you as I can appreciate that being in your situation is extremely difficult. Look forward to reading more in the future.

    Many thanks for stopping by and following my Travel and Photography blog.

  12. Nadia, thank you for deciding to follow my blog Bobbing Around.
    As far as I am concerned, all humans are brothers and sisters. (Except for people under 25. They all qualify as my grandchildren.)

  13. wonderful and heart touching words, i am seeking infact your profile due to your work on Ibn Rushd and find your blog.

  14. Thanks for dropping by. I shall look forward to learning more about you and your shoes.

  15. Nadia darling, how the dickens do I follow you?! I can’t find the ‘follow’ button!

  16. Hello!!! Thanks for following my blog. I appreciate it. Feel free to comment on my posts.

  17. Hi Nadia,
    Good to read some views from the other side of the Israeli occupation. I hope that you get your homeland back one day.
    And thanks for following my blog too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  18. Thankyou for your wonderful website. Thankyou for writing in both English and Arabic. I can’t read arabic writing but it looks beautiful.

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    انا معجب جدا بكتاباتك يا سيدتي
    المزيد من الابداع ان شاء الله

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