my incoherence in front of tv

As I am scrolling with the remote control trying to find a sports channel that can help me sneak into the FIFA, I felt drumsticks in my head ; a combination of cheap music and odd songs , satire that is cynically vulgar and yelling hosts , preachers , live wars , stupid contests ,SMS […]

مهاتراتي امام الشاشه

بينما احاول ايجاد محطه تبث مباريات الفيفا … عملت لفه على القنوات ، واذ بطبول تدق برأسي بينما طبول الانتظار لافتتاح كأس العالم تقرع انتظارا لافتتاح الحدث العالمي المشحون بالتوتر الاجتماعي المشحون بالفقر بالبرازيل…مررت بمحطات صاخبه ، بدون اعلام واشياء ترقص على الشاشه ، اغاني بكلمات غريبه ، مقدموا برامج يصرخون للشاشه ، المصريون السيسون […]

Reverse Racism

“Sajjil Ana Arabi” … “Record I Am An Arab”

196 Palestinian Children Imprisoned in Israel’s gulags

My Shoes: First walk…bittersweet memories

Each time I enter the campus of the Hebrew University , I feel as if I am vacuumed into a time machine . In instances I am 18 years old . All those memories start surrounding me from every single direction . The walls ,the allies, the colours, the columns, the grass, the library, the […]

REMOVING the ‘did the Auschwitz trip made him resign “

REMOVING the ‘did the Auschwitz trip made him resign “.

REMOVING the ‘did the Auschwitz trip made him resign ”

When I wrote about the Auschwitz trip , and later about the haaretz article about dr Dajani’s resignation , my intention was /and remains to reflect on my own views. In this case there was name mentioning . it was a specify person’s name , a hero for the story , so it was unavoidable […]

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