A diary on Occupation: A story of a nation

A story of a nation in two people . A Palestinian loss A cause thrashing An ongoing Diaspora A continuous expatriation An identity that remains …solid , humane , pure Though covered with burdens of miseries and mixtures of blended sorrows and difficulties A story of a Palestinian lost cause , and a shattered dream […]

A diary on Occupation : Erasing Memories

Erasing memories I couldn’t avoid watching this series on TV Palestine, for Maher Shalabi from Palestinian Refugee Camps and bypass it from my mind like any tv show. From the first day, of Ramadan, the show was broadcasting, reflecting a harsh reality that only continues to get bitter and sour. Maybe the host’s immediate response […]

A diary on Occupation : Feeling Nakba

I look around and wonder if it is just a foggy day or month or year or decades of my life as a Palestinian … holding up tight within myself waiting desperately for a clear day … just an average day when I will wake up and look at the sky and see it bright. […]

A diary on Occupation : Forbidden Reflection

I was listening to some news about the Israelis renewed the attempt to demolish the Mughrabi Gate and the installation of the new bridge, in preparation to create a museum or whatever…under the tunnels… and somehow behind all the political games of occupation and attempts of seizing more control over Jerusalem and AL-Aqsa and everything […]

A diary on Occupation : Israeli Permits

Permits to Israel Israeli government allowing Palestinians from the West Bank to enter Israel in the last weeks, seemed like an appalling out of the ordinary phenomena to both Palestinians in and out the borders of permits. I don’t know why are we surprised that people from the West Bank are dashing to the sea, […]

today is histor…

today is history , and tomorrow is mystery ….and we are amateurs in fate’s planned destinations…

The best you ca…

The best you can get out of a dead man walking is forest gump

When this line …

When this line of trust breaks in a relationship , nothing remains .. it would be only some time left until all falls apart , exactly like a chain of beads , when it breaks , its over ….

The worse prese…

The worse present is that with no hope for a future ….

I thought that …

I thought that stop loving you means that I will stop needing you … I didn’t realize that I need you because I love you

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