Gaza…a tale of love and resilience If Amos Oz grew up in Gaza, his autobiography would be of that love and anything but darkness. It is resilience that defines every single aspect of these people. I cannot call them my people. They are at a level that is way beyond … I always thought that […]

Palestinian History: a Nakba,Naksa and Oslo..

I am not sure if this is a curse, Karma, or just a natural consequence of what is happening. I just finished writing about Ahmad Manasra to hear that two 12-13 years old boys from Shufat (next door neighborhood) tried to stab an Israeli in the soft train. It is not hard to imagine the […]

Incoherence: Accepting fear as a solution

The Palestinian living these days is apparently closing a chapter in its hollow history, waiting for a new chapter with a darker destination. I am not sure if everything that is happening on media level in Palestine, in which it is contributed through official statement is just for the sake of busying the people with […]

our corruption and their feedback : From Haaretz on leaked documents AP – Documents leaked online detailing two attempts by Palestinian officials to misuse public funds have triggered outrage, highlighting the corruption and mismanagement critics say remains rampant in the Palestinian government. The furor over the documents comes as the Palestinian economy is stagnating and Palestinians grow increasingly displeased with government services. Palestinian Authority officials […]

Pedagogy of Death

Pedagogy of Death The murder of the Palestinian toddler “Ali” in burning as a result of arson set by settlers near Nablus brought to the Palestinian minds the burning of Mohammad Abu Khdeir last year. As much as the murder of one person is no less important than another, it is the irredeemable loss that […]

Who is Your Ally?

Who is your ally? Some days ago, I was asked while having a dinner in Istanbul with a group of Internationals that consisted of Italians and Colombians , that I can describe as “semi-intellectual ” ( because it consisted of a writer, an actor, a diplomat, and businessmen and a future philosopher (me) ), after […]

Politics of Ostriches

Politics of Ostriches The Palestinian society has been overwhelmingly busy with the FIFA new false start that ended with an offside penalty that the audience (us) had to pay. As usual. Well, after all, talking FIFA gives us more credibility in analysis and claiming to understand than talking Un or UNSC or ICC. After all […]

another day in the Palestinian self defeat

Another day in the Palestinian self defeat I am wondering about the term I should use. Is it defeat or self-destruction? A slap given to the Palestinian people by their own authority this time under the name of sports. After months of mobilizing to a “huge” file that will incriminate Israel and prove all its violations […]

Nakba.. 67 years and a day after .. a reflection

Nakba. 67 years and a day after. Well. It is still Nakba, with continuous de-digestion. Some parents practically locked up their teenagers from leaving their homes ( I was among those he literally begged my teenager not to abandon the house for any reason . I was into any of his  blackmailing tactics on such […]

Re-reading Nakba

Re-reading Nakba As the social media is flooding with statuses and articles about Balfour declaration in these days, commemorating the 100th year of a promise to a Jewish homeland, that set the ground of the creation of the State of Israel.  I feel for the first time in my life as an adult that I […]

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