virtue of ignorance

In a life full of such different same creatures, a copy paste of the same form of imitated ideas that can not reach to a level of a decent or any ideology, people who have some tendency to think will feel pushed away towards an alienated space. As we grasp the different levels of the […]

Palestinian History: a Nakba,Naksa and Oslo..

I am not sure if this is a curse, Karma, or just a natural consequence of what is happening. I just finished writing about Ahmad Manasra to hear that two 12-13 years old boys from Shufat (next door neighborhood) tried to stab an Israeli in the soft train. It is not hard to imagine the […]

Incoherence of humanity: The sea and it’s redemption shores

The scene that broke the internet in the last few days of the Syrian toddler flushed on the sea shore dead brought to my mind with all its cruelty, the scene of the four Palestinian children who were killed last year on Gaza beach by Israeli missiles while playing football. Between two images of children […]

Incoherence: Accepting fear as a solution

The Palestinian living these days is apparently closing a chapter in its hollow history, waiting for a new chapter with a darker destination. I am not sure if everything that is happening on media level in Palestine, in which it is contributed through official statement is just for the sake of busying the people with […]

our corruption and their feedback : From Haaretz on leaked documents AP – Documents leaked online detailing two attempts by Palestinian officials to misuse public funds have triggered outrage, highlighting the corruption and mismanagement critics say remains rampant in the Palestinian government. The furor over the documents comes as the Palestinian economy is stagnating and Palestinians grow increasingly displeased with government services. Palestinian Authority officials […]

Incoherence of a Nation : Death Sentence Against Mursi

Death Sentence against Mursi I have been trying my best to avoid indulging in the topic. Keeping distance from other nations affairs. IT should be the Palestinian trauma of the fall of Mursi and Hamas when suddenly all this massive huge tens and tens and dozens of times exceed us Palestinians and Palestine in population […]

Re-reading Nakba

Re-reading Nakba As the social media is flooding with statuses and articles about Balfour declaration in these days, commemorating the 100th year of a promise to a Jewish homeland, that set the ground of the creation of the State of Israel.  I feel for the first time in my life as an adult that I […]

Memoirs of an Early Arab Feminist: The Life and Activism of Anbara Khalidi- A reflection

Memoirs of an Early Arab Feminist: The Life and Activism of Anbara Khalidi- A reflection It actually doesn’t happen very often to grab a book from cover to cover in one single strike, especially when it is a book you are handling for research reasons, and you are not really supposed to finish it all. […]

Jericho.. once upon a time was city of the moon

Jericho. The city of the moon My relationship with Jericho is that of fantasy and fancy. It is not just that I owe my non fair skin color to it, as my mother used to cover me with olive oil when I was a new born and wrap me under the burning sun of August, […]

الجنس : الكلمة الممنوعة المرغوبة

الجنس : الكلمة الممنوعة المرغوبة لا يزال استعمال كلمة “جنس” كاستعمال كلمة سحرية في سجل مفاتيح البحث الاستهلاكي للمزيد من القراء والمشاهدة. الجنس ذلك الممنوع المرغوب ، الممارس في السر والخفاء .في العلن والمجاهرة .تحت الاطر الشرعية والغير شرعية. بما نسميه حلال وما نطلق عليه حرام . يستمر الحديث بشأنه مع شهقة تغلق فيها الشفاه […]

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