reflections on reality

The scene that broke the internet in the last few days of the Syrian toddler flushed on the sea shore dead brought to my mind with all its cruelty, the scene of the four Palestinian children who were killed last year on Gaza beach by Israeli missiles while playing football. Between two images of children playing football. A photo of the toddler while playing football somewhere shortly before with the same clothes the shores washed with his innocent body and those images of the children playing football the moment before.

Is it cruelty of governments or submission of nations that allow these tragedies to go on?

While flipping the pages of the different outlets in Israeli media, the photos of the child were filling it’s news headlines. I was thinking, what would Israel think? Are these moments of pride for Israel, to witness cruelty that can be measured with even higher measures than theirs? After all, this whole massive refugee escape to the sea is another image of the cruelty and failure of Arab regimes. There is no way to escape the fact that this resembles a reality that we barely know about, of those difficulties and unbearable lives that force people to throw themselves to the unknown hollowness of the sea when the earth no longer endures them. But this land is that Arab soil that is closing it’s doors from its own people, with also those scenes of the Europe opening it’s gated while Arabs are standing still not even joining in a statement that may think of stopping this tragedy.

To a Palestinian whose life is about a diaspora and exodus … such scenes can only bring back the memory of the past of what happened to Palestinians as the result of the becoming of Israel.

It is another refugee boat image that carried Jews from Europe to Palestine, but safe and with a land that will become a homeland. Those same refugee boats take Palestinian Refugees of the past, and Syrians refugees of today to death boats destined for Europe.

The controversy between nations and governments is what marks Europeans, but doesn’t mark Arabs anymore. We can still insist on the causes of all this occurring mess. The West is not white hand and clean. It is all about the west interests in the black treasure of this hollowed area. The fact that nations can still count there is what makes them more civilized and makes future on their end, not a drowning one.

The painful reality of the Arab world silence. Arab neighboring countries closing their borders and their eyes and yet actively work in the mess of Syria is the real tragedy.

I have never thought I will witness a day that will portray within its every detail the failure of Arabism and nationalism under the name of Islamism. While innocents continue to drown in an image that should haunt any human conscience forever. Drowning on those shores that cross the borders of nations and identities is another signal to the shame humanity if filled with.

As much as we Arabs are tragically embarrassing for the loss of our integrity. The failure of all our systems including that moral value that disappeared. Israel stands in the same place like us … enjoying a moment of a tragedy they didn’t directly cause. And we are split in blaming another side for causing that disaster.

The sea and its shores seem to be the redemption of what is left of our absent humanity

في قلبي غصة

تعتصر بداخلي حرقا

على ام تبكي ولدها حزنا لن يجف

وعلى اب علت صرخات نحيبه قهرا

لعلها اخترقت السماء

في قلبي غصة كل ام ترجو من الدنيا ولدا لا يخالجها ابدا ان تبكيه

وان تواريه هي الثرى

في قلبي دمعة من دموع تلك الامهات اللاتي ثكلت بفلذاتها

دمعة كالبرد المدوي تضرب في قاع أحشائي

دمعة لا أقوى على تذويبها من شدة قسوتها

فكيف تكون تلك الامهات

اولئك الآباء

آلاخوة ،الأخوات

الجد ،الجدة

العم والعمات الخال والخالات .

كيف ستستيقظ هذه الام غدا ولقد فرق قلبها وللأبد الحياة

لمن سيشكو الاب قهر الزمن ولقد خلعت منه الحياة

إلى متى سيبقى هذا مصير الام الفلسطينية

البكاء على انقاض بيت وفقدان وليد كان به للحياة أمل

إلى متى سيظل الموت مظللا علينا

بأرض تفتح لأبنائنا على أرض لا تزال خيام اللجوء عنوانها

وتبقى في قلبي دمعة

تدمي بها حال لا ينتهي الا ويبدأ بحال أسوأ جديد

بشهيد تلو شهيد

ليت السماء تكون فضاءهم كنجوم يشعوا من بعيد

حياة لهم

ربما فيها العدل اساس

والحق قائم

والحرية تحلق بهم على أجنحة كملاك

ليس بوسعي الا رثاء

على روح هذا الشهيد

ومن سبقه

وفي قلبي اتضرع ربما ليوم سيكون فيها الفلسطيني حلم اهله الذي يتحقق

لا ذلك الحلم الذي كلما اقترب تلاشى وتحطم

لدعاء من القلب بالصبر لكل ام واب

لكل فقدان هكذا

غاشم ظالم قاهر قاتم

Something inside me is still stirring about the trip to Anata. Something should get out in writing, and something about it is still refraining. Part of it, feeling the uselessness of talking about the same issues again and again. I remember eight or nine years ago when I participated in the rebuilding camp experience and the pouring of my writing on the experience that was multi-dimension. Somewhere in all this, some connections of the memory remain. In the last two days, my head was stirring on one word or a phrase I heard from my friend Terry (from New Zeeland), who has been obediently participating in the building camp for ten years at least. We were exchanging some conversation as I was leaving Beit Arabiya (the hosting house for the volunteers) and we started refreshing our memory on the house that we witnessed while being demolished, and our anticipation in helping the family to move their belongings amid the rubbles. The term Terry used was to my surprise somehow; “ I felt ashamed.” My surprise was in my very same feeling for what happened. That act of “us” who were rushing helplessly and aimlessly in helping them, not sure if it was a help or privacy invasion to what was just hours before home. I will never forget that instant when I was removing what should have been a teenager side of that little house and contained a diary and some personal belongings, that for sure she never expected to come back never to find. I was thinking of the mother who left the house with the dishes unwashed, not expecting unwanted visitors in the form of “helpers” to be inside with her removing every single detail of whatever was left from home.

It was a moment when good and evil mixed in the very same fiber of a profoundly unjust, inhumane situation. Between the invaders who came and demolished that house and those of us who witnessed helplessly with all the pain and the frustration unable to do or say anything in front of the massive system of war that was presenting itself in all formalities in front of that little house. The result in all cases was that those people were left homeless.

The feeling of “shame” that included us in an act that we witnessed helplessly and there was no way we can contribute to it differently, but yet, everyone among us was part of this collective responsibility on the general human level. This globe that consists of people, and watching it with your bare eyes falling apart helplessly. Like watching an earthquake or a volcano or a tornado and respond to the destruction that occurred in the aftermath. But yet this was not an act of nature against humans. It was an act in people against humans in a classification that goes so sharp in seeing a black and white form of how people could be treated. This time, it was the crime of being Palestinian trying to survive in your very own home on the only homeland you can have.

On the way back, my other friend Bruno (from France) experienced what seemed like an adventure in Tora Bora. The fact that he has been truly in Afghanistan minimized the accuracy of my description. The other fact that he thought he saw the worse in Gaza. I was feeling guilty for having the man enduring such an unexpected experience with his suit coming back from an official reception. My feelings were also in the same sense of shame. It was unlike my usual sense of criticism to the Palestinian situation that we Palestinians are hundred percent responsible for, that includes whatever I may describe on Qalandia checkpoint and the state of corruption that represents the government in all its forms and structure. The fragmentation of the society and the enmity that is stripping the fragmented Palestinian fortitude into a tragic deterioration. My shame was that shame of a human failure. How people are driven to become like this. The only miraculous thing in that scene remains the people themselves that continue to maintain their humanity. If there is a place for that humankind to stay.

To my surprise, Bruno used the very same word to express his feeling of that experience; guilt. The guilt of seeing a form of an Inferno right there in the heart of Jerusalem, while as donors, volunteers, activists, see and yet don’t do anything about.

This is what makes a real reflection on Reality : A new report by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) provides a concerning overview of the human rights situation for Palestinians in Jerusalem. The report – East Jerusalem: Facts and Figures 2015 – paints a picture of persistent neglect and increasing violence.

Facts and Figures: East Jerusalem 2015

• Number of residents: There are 300,200 Palestinian residents in Jerusalem, who constitute 36.8% of the city’s population.

• Separation Barrier: More than ¼ of residents reside in Jerusalem neighborhoods that are disconnected from the rest of the city due to the construction of a separation barrier. These residents suffer from a severe lack of basic services and infrastructure.

• Residency status: Palestinians in Jerusalem are not citizens, but rather permanent residents; in 2014, the residency status of 107 Palestinian residents of Jerusalem was revoked.

• Living below the poverty line: 75.4% of all Palestinian residents, 83.9% of Palestinian children.

• Welfare services: 37% of those receiving welfare services in Jerusalem are Palestinians, but only 22% of the social workers are allocated to them.

• Schools: Only 41% of Palestinian children are enrolled in official municipal high schools. There is a shortage of 1,000 classrooms in the official municipal education system; 194 official classrooms were added between the years 2009-2014, and an additional 211 are in planning.

• Inadequate classrooms: 43% of the classrooms in the official municipal system are defined as inadequate classrooms.

• School dropout rate: 26% in 11th grade, 33% in 12th grade; the national average stands at a few percent.

• Planning and building: Approximately 20,000 houses were built without a permit; recently, a large outline plan was approved for the neighborhood of Arav al-Swahara.

• House demolitions: In 2014, 98 structures were demolished and 208 residents have been uprooted from their homes; Israel has also renewed its policy of punitive demolitions for the houses of terrorists.

• Water: Only 64% of households are officially connected to the water infrastructure of Hagihon Corporation – Jerusalem’s water and wastewater company.

• Sewage: There is a shortage of approximately 30 kilometers of sewage pipes; throughout 2015, Hagihon plans to lay an additional 8.2 kilometers.

• Street names: Since 2011, names were given to hundreds of streets that had stood nameless for decades, but the streets of entire neighborhoods still remain unnamed.

• Postal services: Only 7% of the postal workers operating in Jerusalem provide services to the Palestinian neighborhoods; there are 8 post offices in East Jerusalem, compared with 40 in the city’s West; during peak hours at the central post office on Saleh e-Din St., the waiting time often stands at more than two hours.

• Infant healthcare stations: In the Palestinian neighborhoods, there are only 6 “Tipat Halav” (infant healthcare) stations operated by the Ministry of Health, and a seventh station in Kafr Aqab that is operated by a private contractor. In the Israeli neighborhoods, the Ministry of Health operates 26 Tipat Halav stations, 3 of which are designated also for the Palestinian population.

• The neighborhoods behind the Separation Barrier: Between a quarter to a third of East Jerusalem residents live in neighborhoods that have been cut off from the city by the Separation Barrier, and they are forced to pass through checkpoints on a daily basis. The residents of these areas suffer from severe neglect and a tremendous shortage of services and infrastructure; their persistent appeals to the authorities receive no response.

Death Sentence against Mursi

I have been trying my best to avoid indulging in the topic. Keeping distance from other nations affairs. IT should be the Palestinian trauma of the fall of Mursi and Hamas when suddenly all this massive huge tens and tens and dozens of times exceed us Palestinians and Palestine in population and space to count the least, a major problem became Hamas. It should have also been for the proportion of simple calculation. Making Hamas accountable for the destruction and the demonstrations or the rise of the Islamic Brother or being the Hub and the training camp for terror should to the least make Hamas be all the population of Palestine and Israel as well. In the end, as one Egyptian friend once told me, we can have you all over a dinner in one Cairo neighborhood, and no one will even notice you. (He meant us all Palestinian population. he was even very kind to invite all the refugees as well). Or if Hamas is not all the people of what makes Palestine, it should be that damned strip called Gaza, and of course, they are all Hamas.
Keeping my nerves in their own tactical explosive situations, I thought, I couldn’t fight Egyptian massive unbearable loss of sense and dimension. After all, these people have overthrown two presidents in two years. Their reactions, emotions, traumas, are still ignited and not necessarily balanced. It is a nation that is still under a revolution.
After all, if Hamas was responsible and the conspiring mind of the Islamic Brotherhood, I Nadia, could become some Palestinian whatever spy or traitor. I would more likely be an Israeli spy, but actually, being an Israeli spy these days is an addition. I could be accused of being Ikhwan or Hamas.
I have to say that I love Egyptians; this entire introduction to entering the topic means that I am worried .for God’s sake!!!!. Well, I love Egyptians… during the Gaza invasion; I refused to respond to any Egyptian article or news. I actually stopped watching Egyptian channels after a week of the attack. I even threatened my FB friends from my “blocks” and “deleted” if they mentioned Egypt sorry. I thought Egypt was a nation that was still suffering from the overthrowing of Mursi, and they had all the right to be in that situation. Hamas miscalculated the situation and its deterioration, and they paid a high price for it, and hopefully they learned their lessons. But beyond that, I would judge Hamas more or allow it. And above all. The fight was on Palestinian land, and Israel was the attacker. We should focus on our enemies at this point, not at unresolved issues between “brothers.” Actually, “brothers” could also mean Ikhwan, which is a forbidden word as well, especially when mentioning Palestinians and the other Arabs.
Eventually, I stopped watching all Egyptian media outlets and kept one source that seemed collective and a bit of pragmatic. It seems impossible to find anyone practical these days in Egypt. You are either Ikhwan or Sissi. What are left to have people were badges like those the Nazis forced the Jews to wear during the WWII (I am also trying to be pragmatic here). Well, in such a source, you will hear some words about Hamas as a spice to the topic sometimes. And people criticize the Sissi through his consultant. The man is a sick good willed man with terrible advisers. They are self-critical. They definitely hate and against the Ikhwan. And the news on actors and singers and scandals on gays and social related issues that they suddenly become the peak matter in the most populous Arab country such as the story of the “Airport Lady” or the “Islam Buhari debate against the untouchables of Islamic traditions” or the “ Mayor of Alexandria’s wife who accompanies him” or the “demonstration against the Hijab” …oooops. That was a confusion … I was just thinking of a population whose women are likely more than half covered, and more than this half is against the Ikhwan and Mursi, and now those poor women have to be against those against the hijab. So if you are an Ikhwan, you are likely of course to be against that call for removing the veil. But what do you do when you are wearing a hijab, and you are against Mursi and the Ikhwan? And then there is the “Minister of Justice and the Garbage collectors affair “; of course the man doesn’t want to have the sons of those people to be allowed to the judicial system. He is afraid they will be deluded. The man eventually resigned apparently. And of course, there is Sina and that very far away from terror land. That person only hears about terrorists being terminated and soldiers being martyred. Not a single real story is known of what is actually taking place there. A whole city was practically displaced with its people, and no one is even daring to mention the issue except with modest faraway indirect questions. Tens were killed in the football stadium, and the issue is under the ashes with no Ikhwan apparently to blame. The young men and women who fell in the demonstrations of January as well have decayed under the earth, and if they were Ikhwan of course, no one even considers their deaths, but if they were not, they are either to be blamed, or it must have been an Ikhwan that killed.
In short, all evil that takes place is a creation of the Ikhwan, and all good that happens is the making of the Sissi and the army. And, luckily, Hamas cannot be in all this.
And then there are Mubarak courts, Mubarak is out of jail. Mubarak is back to prison. Those overthrown in the first part of revolution declared innocent miraculously, and those newly defeated are sentenced one after the other to death sentences as if Egyptian judicial system is out for hunting season.
I am supposed to write about Mursi’s sentence… Now I remember!!!!
My personal judgment on Mursi was that he committed a terrible fatal mistake as a result of his own political stupidly and short-sightedness and of course the blindness of Islamic politicization to a country like Egypt and assuming to run it as a head of the clan. Egypt definitely deserved better. It was a proud moment for me when on the 30th of June; Egyptians said their word again. As much as it was a historic moment of pride when Egyptians overthrew Mubarak on January’s Revolution.
What happened next, was also justifiable to me. I understood perfectly the traumatic situation the nation entered in. After all, they didn’t get rid of a tyrant to fall into another. And Mursi was actually their own choice. People brought him in. So it was a double anger. Unlike Mubarak, who Egyptians for generations grew up with his name subsiding for the word president.
I also understand that this trauma needs time. But I genuinely believed in these people. Egypt is a country of innovation. It is the mother of civilization as we still try to understand it. It has the best minds in the Arab world.
And then….
Mursi is sentenced to death. Not only him, but he is also one among tens who have been condemned to death in the Islamic Brotherhood in the last year. It “coincided” with the acquittal of Mubarak and his group in the series of the same months.
One can understand that the country and the nation are going through a terrible turbulence that it will take them time to recover. But the justice system should be the part of what conforms a country into stability to the least. Among the many essential elements that strengthened Egypt was always its judicial system, that continued to make its own recoveries and internal repairs, and always insisted on its separation from the executive power. When Morse tried to change some laws, the judicial system stood firm before him. Even Mubarak didn’t dare to mess as much with the legal system (he actually terrorized them). But here, it seems a voluntarily work. Which is worse.
It is so sad … to see a country. A nation. The mother of nations. So dissolving into the nothingness of nations. While its pyramids are still making the world watch them with awe and fascination.
It is so heartbreaking to see the deterioration of a nation on all and every level … social, political and judicial. An outrage that is sweeping away all aspects of culture, education, and common sense.
It is not good for a country like Egypt … when someone like me, who was just a proud Arab for the achievement of the Revolution Egyptians, held in the last few years. Their strength, resilience and real power. To see them turning into this hollowness of a nation.
It is bad, when people like me, applauded the overthrowing of Mursi, stand today with a great sympathy for him.
It is so lamentable to witness the double standards of judgments inside a legal institution that is supposed to represent justice to its entire people in such unfairness and injustice.
It is such a farce of a situation witnessing a whole nation taking part in such a breach of injustice, bias, inequality with such prejudice that is eventually becoming both, self-discriminating and incriminating

Nakba. 67 years and a day after.

Well. It is still Nakba, with continuous de-digestion.

Some parents practically locked up their teenagers from leaving their homes ( I was among those he literally begged my teenager not to abandon the house for any reason . I was into any of his  blackmailing tactics on such an occasion ), because the pain of last year two teenagers in this very timing is still open with its wound. It is not that the loss of one or two is problematic. It is probably about how cheap life passes by. Palestinians used to proudly give their sons for martyrdom for the sake of the cause of liberation. Last year, however, marked a lot of differences. Inside a normalized systematic approach of the past 20 years, people in the west bank, especially in Ramallah and its districts, started believing that the helium fed mini-state of Ramallah could be real, with a neighbor they will not have to see, despite enslaving them on their very own land with settlements and roads and of course checkpoints. But as for many, VIP services became at a fingertip that was also passable. But last year witnessed the killing of the two young teenagers on the Nakba day, unprecedented killings of young men in the previous months. Stories of killing with cold blood, that seemed outrageous to the current normalization effect. Of course what took place a month later starting from Hebron and ending up in Gaza broke all chains of imagined normalization. Killing became collective. People became numbers. There was no place for focusing on one story and humanizing it. Humanity was under the butcher knife, and whoever survived it got the happy ending.

This year, people stayed mostly home securing their children from being the next celebrated victims for either of the warring factions. Because it became a trend last year. With each victim laid under the earth, a color of the flag covering it became most famous, and while parents mourn, factions fought for the covering color of the corpse. Well, a martyr fell, and some few fell injured. But what is one next to hundreds? After all, it wasn’t that people didn’t want to commemorate the Nakba. But it was more that the commemoration took an official marking this year some days before. To realize that this happened on the occasion of the apparent decision that the “leadership” was celebrating the Vatican’s recognition of Palestine. Well. Who wants to make another screaming speech to miss a paid vacation in Rome? Italy always leaves a more astounding flavor in the taste after all.

A convoy from the north walked all the way from Haifa to the Aqsa. They started with ten and ended with seventy. An impressive effort by people who still feel the bitterness of being forced to be absorbed by occupation with the nostalgia to their original roots, that are still deeply entrenched in the same extended soil in the neighborhood not far away.

After all. The commemoration took place. And Nakba is still remembered.

But something kept buzzing in my head. From the day before. My weekly radio session with Mossi in all for peace. The anguish, and loudness that took over the discussion at some point. Mossi, is a charming leftist, Meretz. The few proud remaining left in Israel. Not that I buy. But I imagine the intensity of what they do being Israelis. One thing remained in the echo of our discussion when at some point he accused me of being bad for Palestinian propaganda. And I was thinking, oh my god. I am bad enough talking badly about the PA all the time. I am already screwed. Now what? I should be a peaceful Palestinian like Abbas talking nicely in accordance to what the Israeli public wanted to hear? Luckily I am not Abbas. And sadly, nobody pays me to force me to say what he or she like.

But something ignited Mossi’s temper, and I fully understand him somehow, after all, he is a politician, he is Israeli. He knows what an Israeli wants to hear. But my point remains. To hell with what the Israeli wants to hear. We should go a step further. It is about the truth. Not the reality of where we are today. It is about Israel being an occupying existence, whether Israelis want to recognize it or not. As much as it is problematic for us Palestinians not to find it easy to understand the reality of Israel, it is worse for Israelis that they don’t get this. After all. Israel is a sudden existence that befell on the Palestinians. We Palestinians were, and still, there, it cannot be erased, and changing history by inventing facts can work, but when people disappear in hundreds of years. We didn’t disappear yet.

I know that each time I compare Israel to the Nazi, Mossi hates me and I understand him. I have to say that I love our debates. They are relevant and genuine. Not always pleasant, though. And sometimes I don’t know whom of him and I exist. Is it I Nadia or it’s Palestine and is it him Mossi, or it’s Israel. But the occasion was an original one …

The Nakba.

After all, you cannot come to a Palestinian and say; you fled. You murdered poor Jewish civilians going to work. You refused the partition. And you expect me to say; I apologize for that. I cannot compare that incident to the massacres committed against my people systematically throughout the previous year until this very day.

I can not see the Nazi resemblance. After all, history is there for us to learn from. And the Nazi crimes are the most important lesson of the Jewish misery. Why not use it as a case study. Especially when we are talking about those who knew the Nazis most. The Jews.

As much as there is this typical stereotyping in the issue Mossi’s defense was that I couldn’t compare the 20,30,40, 60 million victims of the Jews under the Nazi to what happened to the Palestinians. And I think. Well. It is half a population. We never got to a ten million .so are we still under the reachable number of allowed victims in this case until the Israelis put us on the same level of misery as theirs?

And when I tried to humanize the Jewish life back then, asking if he considered the Jewish resistance to the Nazis as terror. His answer was a standard Palestinian solution. They only killed German soldiers.

In 67 years of this unjust continuous situation. The best of Israelis still find it impossible to look at them and admit, that who they are is the result of our mischief. The fact that they deny it so much keeps them in this state of perpetual fear. Because for me as a Palestinian, that even if I only represent myself in this very opinion, I still count as a Palestinian voice (my nostalgia to elections makes me obsessive on using such terms); I see him, or Israel as a fact that I have to live with. I can never say I am happy with the existence f Israel. Because it marks my official expulsion and non-ending misery. But I understand perfectly that as much as I grew up in this land believing it is mine, there exist a generation of Israelis like mine who grew believing the same. And as much as it is my right it is theirs. But recognition is a key to real peace.

The difference between an Israeli and a Palestinian is the difference between an oppressor and an oppressed. An occupier and an occupied. It is not a difference between two brothers fighting over who gets the fair share of his father’s land.

The fact that we didn’t agree to the partition plan doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve to have our land. We didn’t accept the partition land 68 years ago because Israel wasn’t a legitimate or even an heir of our inherited property. It feels like going to court with your brothers over an inheritance dispute, and the judge gives the big share to a total outsider. And then we have to agree.

Maybe in ten years, we will regret not allowing Abbas to take the no offer he received. As much as Arafat was blamed for not taking Camp David and so on…

There is something more in that than just sharing a land. It is about recognition, and then it is up to us Palestinians to forgive and let go of what is still ours.

Because the world, the UN, whoever can do whatever they wish in distributing land and property that is theirs. But no right can ever be valid even with all the power on earth if the real owner didn’t sell or agree.

No matter how strong Israel sees it. But the very fact it is comprised of people who decided to live in homes of people whose clothes were still there. Whose keys are still with them until this very day? Whose memories were never wiped from the original people’s minds despite all the changes and the ultimate uprooting of the homes and land it? It is impossible to get away with such a crime and insist on legitimizing it.

We Palestinians may continue to live in our mischief of terrible leadership, which remains occupied by minor interests rather than nations’. We may remain displaced. We may remain threatened in such a life under occupation. There is something about being Palestinians that must be in our blood. It is the cause, not the land that matters at a moment of a total loss of the land maybe. But that cause is as living as the land. And injustice can never be a solution.

Israelis after 67 years still insist on living in denial of the misery they caused. Arrogantly refuse to recognize the crime they continue to commit against people, whose only crime was being simple, naïve and part of a conspiracy that the world gathered against, believing probable that it must have been easy to get rid of them in a year or two …

Palestine is not just a land and people.

Palestine is a cause.

Palestine is a just cause for a people and a land.

Re-reading Nakba

As the social media is flooding with statuses and articles about Balfour declaration in these days, commemorating the 100th year of a promise to a Jewish homeland, that set the ground of the creation of the State of Israel.  I feel for the first time in my life as an adult that I am ready to re-read the Nakba.

It took me, however, years inside my adulthood to read about the Nakba. As if it has been part of a collective catastrophe (which it is) that I personally lived and endured, and some parts of my brain always insisted on blocking. It always felt like a grave injury that lived on your skin for so long, and you are too vulnerable on touching it, for fear of opening it and getting it infected.

I have dared, however, in the last years to dig more into the matter. Getting anything from my parents or my grandmother is impossible. There is something that this issue is treated with a certain feeling of shame and defeat that they prefer to say that they don’t remember.

Falling into the trap of blame game, that from one side we Palestinians have lived with inside our own depths, and blaming the Israelis for that misery as a sole responsibility for this is another side of this trap.

The complexity of this conflict lies in its simplicity. The permanency of it, as well as the denial and throwing responsibilities on others, made it complicated, to a level that it is irreversibly manageable after 67 years.

I think on the occasion of the commemoration of the Nakba this year. We Palestinians should, next to holding the keys of our dwelled upon homes, start a close re-reading of the Nakba. Not focusing on Israel as our primary opponent. Israel at the end was a result of a UN resolution that the international community abide by. It is not that I am removing Israelis from the responsibility of occupation. In the end, the Jews agreed to come to a land with people whom they first ignored their existence, and when they found them, they committed crimes against them, in what the history would one day confirm is an ethnic cleansing of a nation.

But that Israel is responsible for that alone, is where I think we should start to change our focus on. Which is of course practically impossible, because Israel refuses to deal with us except as an occupier vs. occupied. Israel has failed to prove to us that its need for a country that will mark their rise as a nation and their very own existence was not merely against us the people of Palestine. Maybe it is true that the Jews were in such a critical need, and a real threat to their existence was taking place. After all, the Nazis eradication of the Jews in Europe wasn’t a proud moment for modern civilization. Could it be that these people were so traumatized to a level where their survival became the only possible means of existence, as they knew it, and as a result, they justified all the crimes they committed against the Palestinians?

While what became Israel and Palestine remain busy occupied in fighting one against the other, in what seems to be an eternal fight for the very existence, many elements that comprised of different powers and factors benefited both from the creation of Israel and the continuation of the occupation.

A question that I am re-asking to myself is: given the facts on the assumed war of 1948, and the wars that followed, what was the real role of the Arab power? Who among them really fought against Israel and who actually fought on the side of Israel? It was a period that the “Arab World” of the “Middle East” was as new as Israel itself. As much as the Zionist movement, comprised of not only Jews, leading the Jews towards an illusion of “the land without people to the people without land.” The Arabs were dragged into the Arab nationalism that convincingly was ripped away from them by being marginalized in their own homelands in the last decades of the Ottoman Empire. All that became of the Middle East and its leaders were nothing but chosen carefully by the colonial powers. So it is important for us Palestinians to look deeper into this matter. The price of giving shares of what became the Middle East and Arab reign as a result of coup-ing against the Ottomans was a sacrifice called Palestine. Does Israel fall as the only responsible side in this? The formation of Israel was part of a deal outside the region, that it served more than one element, first, finding a final solution to the Jewish problem that has been bothering Europe for many centuries, by maybe sending them voluntarily to their own exile. Another element was definitely keeping a close eye and control over the newly created the Middle East. There was a need to have something “Israel,” in which each of the new and previous colonial powers has access to in the region, especially after the discovery of the resources of the area.

Whereas, in the meantime, the new Israelis continued to convince themselves that this was God’s promised land, not Balfour’s. And the Palestinians continued to convince themselves that an Arab awakening is coming, and the legacy of the Arab Islamic triumphs will remain… it is only a slumber phase of Arab-Islamism.

By the time the leaders of the two invented entities “Israel-Palestine” realized the real scandal their existence vs non-life involves, each side became viciously what we live today ; a monstrous greedy Israel, who might as well fulfill a biblical legacy , and a weak, naïve, Palestine , who might as well get enough from coloring itself with green, red, black and white to keep its place on the map of existence, realizing that Arab nationalism is nothing but oil, money , power fed nationalism .

So much of an un-read, needed to be read of our history should be how we commemorate our ongoing Nakba.

العنصرية في إسرائيل …تخرج عن طوعها

عندما قرر رئيس الحاخامات باسرائيل سنة ١٩٧٣ بأنحدار الاثيوبيين من سلالة إسرائيل لليهود منهم والسماح ل ١٢٠ الف اثيوبي بالهجرة الى اسرائيل ، لم يكن بحسبانه ان الموجة القادمة من المهاجرين اليهود ستحمل الملايين من الروس الذين سيشكلون مع العرق الاشكنازي البياض الاغلب للدولة . ولم يكن على دراية بأن اسرائيل ستصبح المحطة الاقرب الجديدة لتسريب طالبي اللجوء من اصول افريقية مختلفة ، جراء الحروب والظلم الواقع على تلك الشعوب. أصبحت اسرائيل في سنوات سابقةتبدو وكأنها جنة اللاجئين الافريقيين من سودانيين ، اريتريين واثيوبيين ، فتم استغلالهم في سوق العمل بأدنى الاجور وابخسها حتى استفاقت إسرائيل في يوم ما على انتشار اللون الاسود وكثرة تواجده حولها.

كانت الجالية الاثيوبية تعتبر نفسها جالية مهمة في السبعينات، حتى وجدت نفسها تدريجيا في اطراف اسرائيل باماكن بعيدة واصبح حالهم اقرب لحال العرب والبدو . وكعادة المقهورين من السكان ، الذين يسعون لاثبات احقيتهم وانتمائهم بالرغم من سواد لونهم ، إلتحق الكثير من الاثيوبيين للجيش . فالخدمة بالجيش عادة توفر الكثير من الاحتياجات وتسهل على الاسرائيلي فيما بعد نهاية الخدمة الكثير من الامتيازات . فتسابق الاثيوبيين على الخدمة واثبات انفسهم وولائهم للدولة ، وكانوا اسوأ ما يواجهه الفلسطيني من تنكيل وعنصرية على ايدي جندي لا يتعدى العشرون عاما واثيوبي. فتراهم السباقون في اعمال الحراسة والامن لشراستهم وتهكمهم . وفي كل خسارة وسقوط لجنود ترى الاثيوبي احد الساقطين الملتفين بعلم اسرائيل من ضحايا الحروب دائما .

ولكن على ما يبدو ان إسرائيل الاشكنازية الطابع ، استاءت من ازدياد اعداد هؤلاء والذين باتوا يشكلون خطرا حقيقيا على الدولة منذ بدأت اعداد المهاجرون الغير شرعييون بالازدياد. وإسرائيل ترى بنفسها الولايات المتحدة الامريكية . فبينما تحارب الفلسطينيين وتتخلص منهم بكل الوسائل المتاحة والغير متاحة تدريجيا ومنهجيا . تقوم بالجبهة الداخلية بالتصرف وكأنها دولة طبيعية يمتد انتماؤها حضاريا لأمريكا . فعندما يدمر زلزال دولة كالنيبال مثلا ، تهرع طواقم الانقاذ للمساعدة . وتفتح مستشفياتها لمصابي النصرة والجيش الحر على حدودها مع سوريا . وتقوم بتقديم خبراتها الامنية لمحاربة الارهاب في دول كنيجيريا والعراق وغيرها الكثير ممن لا نعرف .

ومع ازدياد محاولات اللجوء الغير شرعي ، اصبح تدريجيا كل ما يمت لونه بالسواد من صلة يشكل خطرا على لقمة العيش الاسرائيلية . على الرغم من استمرار استغلالهم كأيدي عاملة بخسة. الا ان ازدياد اعدادهم وازدياد قمعهم وقهرهم زاد من استيائهم الذي بقي مكبوتا. فهم اقلية ، لا تشبه العرب تحديدا ، ولا البدو ولا الدروز ، لأن لونهم يفرق بينهم وبين الاخرون من جهة . الا انهم يعاملون بدرجة اقرب لتلك التي يعامل منها المواطنون من الدرجة الثالثة كالعرب.

ما جرى عند التقاط كاميرات المراقبة لعملية اعتداء غير مبررة من قبل افراد بالشرطة الاسرائيلية على شاب اثيوبي يرتدي الزي العسكري . لا يمكن مشاهدته من قبل اقرب المحبوين وابعد الكارهين لاسرائيل الا بنفس الطريقة . فكلمة عنصرية هي الوحيدة التي تستمر بالتساقط على المتفرج حتى انتهاء تلك الدقائق القليلة .

وقد تزامن الفيديو مع قضية تعدي اخرى من قبل افراد الوحدات الخاصة على شاب اثيوبي تم ” تشخيصه” على انه اريتري غير شرعي والانهيال عليه بالضرب ، والحبس على الرغم من محاولته فهم ما يجري. فالرجل لم يحظ ابدا بفرصة حتى شرح لما حل عليه من اعتداء.

ولربما الحس الامريكي للشعب الاسرائيلي جعله ينظر الى الامر على غرار ما يجري بأمريكا من ممارسات عنصرية ما بين الامريكيين من اصول افريقية والشرطة البيضاء، واخرها بالتيمور. فقرر الافارقة في اسرائيل مساء الخميس الماضي التظاهر وسط شوارع القدس رافعين شعارات بالتيمور. وادت تلك المظاهرات التي خرج اليها الالاف امام مبنى الشرطة ووصلت الى بيت رئيس الوزراء الاسرائيلي الى اغلاق وتعطيل تام للمرور والقطار . واسفرت عن عشرات الاصابات ما بين الشرطة والمتظاهرون.

ولكن هذا لم يكن كافيا ، لان الموضوع اكبر من بالتيمور . فهناك شعور عام من قبل هؤلاء لم يخرج الان فجأة بالعنصرية التي تمارسها عليهم الدولة خلال العقود الماضية ، ولكن وحدهم دائما حربهم ضد الفلسطينيين .

فخرجت الالوف من المهاجرين الافريقيين ( وصارت اسماؤهم اليوم مهاجرون من جديد) فاسرائيل تستعمل كلمة “عليا” للمهاجرين اليهود، الا انه مؤخزا يجري الحديث عن مهاجرين فقط ، ويميز بينهم بشرعيين وغير شرعيين. خرج اولئك لشوارع تل ابيب مغلقين الطريق السريع الواصل بين ارجاء اسرائيل شمالا وجنوبا . وما ميز تلك التظاهرات هو عدم استياء المارة . فعادة من يقوم بهكذا مظاهرات تعتبر مشاكسة هم اليهود المتدينون الذين يثيرون حفيظة بقية الشعب ولا يتردد احد بالتذمر منهم . الا ان هذه المظاهرات التي امتدت الى شوارع تل ابيب وتمكنت من الوصول الى ميدان رابين وحاولت الدخول الى مجمع البلدية تسارعت وتكاثرت وكان بمقابلها اعداد بدت وكأنها متساوية من الشرطة . فامتلأت الشوارع بالجهة المقابلة بالالاف وحدات شرطة الشغب التي كانت معدة بكامل عتادها ومستعدة للمواجهة . وسرعان ما تقاذفت الجماهير بكل ما وجدته ارضا وعلى حواف الطريق ، مما ادى الى كسر زجاج سيارات ،حرق اطارات مطاطية وتقاذف بالعلب المعدنية والزجاجية وغيرها . استمرت المظاهرات لعدة ساعات ، اصيب خلالها العشرات من افراد الشرطة وادت الى اعتقال العشرات من المتظاهرين الذين انضم اليهم الغير افريقيين.

بالرغم من الخوف والاستياء العام من اندلاع هكذا مواجهات ، تسارع الحكومة ممثلة برئيس وزرائها لشجب الاعمال العنصرية التي تم القيام بها ضد الاثيوبيين . الا ان ما جرى لا يشكا الا دق ناقوس على حقيقة هذه الدولة العنصرية .

فالاسرائيليون استيقظوا على حقيقة عنصريتهم تجاه بعضهم البعض ، وتأكدهم بأن عنصريتهم لم تكن ابدا محصورة على الفلسطينيين . فلقد استطاعت اسرائيل منذ اوسلو بتطويع وتطبيع الشارع الاسرائيلي نحو شرعية التنكيل بالفلسطيني ، لان الاخير سيقوم برميه الى البحر متى سمحت الفرصة له بذلك . فمشهد الضرب والتنكيل والسحل والقتل للفلسطينيين لا يشكل الا مشهدا عاديا وطبيعيا في عيون الاسرائيلي العادي ، يعرف بقرارة نفسه ان ذاك الفلسطيني يستحق اكثر من ذلك من تنكيل ، لأن الجيش والدولة يقومون بحمايتهم منه . فانشغل الاسرائيليون بصراعهم مع الفلسطينيين ، ولم يأبه الغير متضررون منهم من اصول غير افريقية بالعنصرية الممارسة ضد الاخرين . فبالنسبة لهم ، استياءهم من المد الديني المتزايد والتذمر منه هو الاهم ، وهو ما ابقته الحكومة رائجا وعاما . فالمشاهد الخارجي يرى شعب اسرائيل الديمقراطي العلماني بالاغلب المنحدر من اصول اوروبية بنخبته مستاءا من مطالبات المتدينون الذين لا يقدموا للدولة الا العبء والصورة الغير متمدنة امام الغرب الذي يصفق لهم على تحضرهم امام الشرق المتصارع المتمثل بالفلسطينيين.

وما حدث من مشهد لضرب افراد الشرطة لجندي اسرائيلي يشكل سابقة .

فالجندي باسرائيل مقدس …. الا اذا كان اسود البشرة ….


بنات فلسطين كتاب لامل قعوار يرصد النضال الفلسطيني بنسائه منذ ايام الانتداب حتى التسعينات . ومذكرات النسوية الاولى لعنبرة سلام الخالدي ، يحاكي احاسيس ونضالات المرأة الداخلية وسبل تحريرها 

فما بين الكتابين كانت كذلك سيرة ليلي خالد التي تابعت حياة ليلى في السبعينات ، وتكلمت كثيرا عن الوجه “الفدائي” للنضال الفلسطيني .

وفي الجانب المقابل للكتب المكدسة بقراءاتي المتقطعة لا تزال يوميات خليل السكاكيني تنتظر رجوعي. فتوقفت في مكان بدا لي غير مبشر ،استعصى في مرحلة ما على فهمي ، عندما وجد نفسه منفيا الى سوريا.

هكذا كتب لا يمكن قراءتها بدون الولوج فيها بشخصانية كبيرة . وما يحدث قصريا . فعادة ما نتعاطف مع كاتب او مع بطل الرواية ومع مكانها واحيانا نربط الحبكة ونشبهها بحكايانا.

الا ان هذا النوع من الكتب والاخص السير الذاتية ، يحاكي المكان نفسه والصراع ذاته ، والاشخاص في اغلبهم مرت اسماءهم وعائلاتهم على ارفدة حياتك . فالقدس تحديدا صغيرة وفلسطين ليست اكبر بكثير لتترامى اطراف حكاياتها .

ولكن ما كان اقوى من شعور الاثارة الذي يربطك شخصيا باماكن السطور وشخوصها ، فلقد تعرف فلان ولقد تكون سمعت عن علان ، ولا بد انك تعرف المكان الذي تصفه العبارات والتي تتحدث عنه الكثير من الفقرات . قد يرافقك شعور بالاقتراب او الاغتراب من جملة ما او فقرة او كلمة . فإن الشعور الاقوى الذي يعصف بك هو تلك الحقيقة المفككة المبهمة عن واقعنا . فهناك حقائق برؤوس اقلام واضحة ومعرفة تربينا على حفظها ومعرفتها وحتى انها سكبت في عقولنا وجمدت واغلق عليها . فلقد يجتمع الواقع العربي والفلسطيني على تعريفات مؤرخة في تلك الحقبة التي علمت مع بداية القرن العشرين . فهناك انهيار الامبراطورية العثمانية ووقوع فلسطين في صحن الانتداب البريطاني قبل  الالتهام الكامل للامبراطورية الراحلة فيما بين افواه الاستعمار الغربي. وهناك النكبة الفلسطينية والنكسة وحرب الكرامة وصبرا وشاتيلا واعلان الاستقلال واوسلو.

فيما بين تلك الوقفات التاريخية التي شكلت ما نعيشه بهذه اللحظات من فتات تلتقطه افواهنا نحن مما تبقى من حلم بوطن عربي وآخر تحرير لفلسطين ، تكمن الحقيقة المبهمة التائهة منا . وكأننا بوعي اعصبنا اعيننا عنها نثرنا عليها اغبرة الزمن لكي لا نرى حجم المصيبة التي نعيشها حتى تجلت امام اعيننا كما تتجلى اليوم.

فالواقع الحالي من فتات وشتات ودمار ليس صنيع المرحلة الحالية فقط. ليست مصادفة ولا غضب الهي تلك الانهيارات المتتالية التي يتسابق فيها انهيار الكيان العربي. فنحن شعوب لا نعرف الا التعامل مع الحاضر بردات فعل لا تتعدى النحيب والصياح والشجب وتقتصر رؤيتنا على ما لا يتعدى انوفنا وننشغل به . ونرفض بشدة الرجوع للماضي والتعلم من اخطائه ونصر وبشدة بأن الأسوأ مستحيل لاننا شعوب الايمان بقدرة الله واصطفافه مع حزبنا هو الغالب فينا .

ويبقى واقعنا الهلامي كالفقاعة المرمية على الارض بعد الاستمتاع والانبهار برقصاتها المحدودة والمؤقتة في فضاء نتحكم تماما بمجاله قبل السقوط الابدي الى التراب. نستمر في نفخ فقاعات جديدة موهمين انفسنا ببهاء الرقصات المائية المؤقتة ، وما نلبث نعي الا اختفائها . ولكن الحقيقة الكامنة والمتربصة لنا بفقاعات تفجيرية مليئة بالكبريت والسموم وليس الماء والصابون . وكأننا اعتدنا عليها ولا نزال نصر على حالنا المؤقت.

وحالي لا بد لا يختلف عن حال الاكثرية التي دأبت على تسكين الامها ومواجعها بعدم المعرفة والسعي وراء قوت يومها ، لعل وعسى ، لان ما يلحق بنا لن يقدر على خلاصنا منه الا الله . وبالفعل ، فرحلتنا الى الله ظهرت بالحركات الاسلامية التي استمرت بالتزمت والتجرد من الله حتى اصبحت ما نراه اليوم من داعش وتحت لواء الله.

وبين ألوية الله المختلفة والمتعددة التي ننتمي جميعا اليها ، لا تزال الحقيقة ملقاة لتشكل قمما داستها اقدامنا ولم نعد نعرف شكل وقيمة وهوية الميت الذي دفنناه .

ولعل مرور الزمن من جهة ،وتعقيد الامور من جهة اخرى جعلتنا مع استسلامنا مقعدين حول انفسنا بلا حراك

.ما فعلته بي تلك القراءات يشبه النبش بالمقابر . وكآني ابحث عن عزيز فقد في زمن ما ودفن في مقبرة جماعية تم اكتشافها حديثا. وفي رحلة البحث عن هويته ،تبدأ رحلة معاناة كل تلك العظام المتراكمة بحثا عن قبر يليق بالتضحية التي قدموها اولئك الذين قضوا من اجل نفس القضية التائهة منا .

بينما احاول رصد الحراك النسوي في تلك القراءات ، التقرب اكثر من معاناتها وحروبها في كسر القيود والتحرر. رأيتني كتلك النساء استسلم تماما لمصيري ولا اجد بديلا عن ربطه بقضية الوطن . فكما استمرت المرأة الفلسطينية في تأجيل قضاياها من اجل القضية الاهم وهي تحرير الوطن ، هكذا استبعدت وتلقائيا قضايا المرأة البديهية المستعصية من اهتماماتي.

فبينما كان الغرب يقترب من افتراسه المحكم ووضعنا بين فكيه ، كانت النساء لا تزال تناضل من اجل التجرؤ على نزع الحجاب. والحجاب في ذلك الوقت لم يكن مقصورا على غطاء الرأس ، بل كان غطاء الوجه . فعندما وقفت هدى شعراوي في محطة القطار مزيلة لغطاء وجهها ، كانت هذه من اعظم الكبائر . وعندما قررت عنبرة سلام الخالدي رفع الغطاء لتستطيع ان تقدم خطابها بلا تلعثم كان يحجبه الحجاب ، قامت بيروت ولم تقعد. ونسوا العالم بطش الاتراك المنصرم والانتداب الذي كان يقطع بهم اربا ، وكان رفع حجابها هو موضوع الخطاب.

في كل مرة كانت تصل فيه المرأة للخروج الى حريات بديهية ، كانت حرية الوطن تقف امامها وكأن ما تبغي الوصول اليه هو المهدد الاكبر للوطن .

واستمرت المرأة في مراوغاتها بلا كلل ، فلم تطلب او تبتغي يوما التمرد على الرجل . فبكل ومع كل محاولاتها بالتحرر من قيود الذكورية التقليدية ، كان للتقاليد الحصة الكبيرة في نهجها . فبقيت خطواتها بطيئة وتأخذ طبع المراوغة الذي ابدا لم يكن ليخرج عن طوع الاب والاخ والزوج . فالحقوق المبتغاة كانت حقوقا تستطيع فقط ان تنالها من خلال اعطاء الرجل لها اياها.  وترى السيدة الفلسطينية ابان الثورة في السبعينات بين رحلات الشتات للمقاومة ما بين الاردن وسوريا ولبنان ونزولا بتونس تجرأت على التحدي من اجل القضية . فكانت النتيجة الحرمان من الامومة والطلاق والعنوسة لانها ندرت نفسها للقضية . وما لبث الاعلان عن وقف المقاومة المسلحة حتى وجدت تلك النسوة انفسها  في اماكن اكثر ذكوره من الذكور لتحافظ على بقائها . فتحولت بنات فلسطين في تلك الجزئية الى بنات المنظمة التي حولتهم فيما بعد الفصائل الى ذكورهم. فذكرني المشهد وبطريقة محزنة بالخصيان في زمن الخلافات السابقة . فاصبحت تلك النساء التي ضاع شبابهن وجمالهن وانوثتهن من اجل قضية كفاح قدمن فيه مع اولئك الرجال المخلصين لنفس القضية امام خيار وحيد بالترجل عن حلم المقاومة والاسترجال للبقاء مع رجالات القضية التي ما لبثت ان تتحول من قضية شعب لقضية حفنة من الشخوص رددوا ولا يزالوا شعارات التحرر والتحرير حتى سئمنا الحرية وتفرقنا واياهم طوعا في القبوات التي اعدها لنا الاحتلال كل على مقاسه وانتمائه واحتياجاته .

واصبحت تلك النساء كالرجال تصيح وتندب وتشجب وتؤكد على استحقاقها لتاريخها النضالي العريق الملىء بالتضحيات لراحتنا نحن . فالاستحقاق الذي تم المطالبة به من بنات وابناء الفصائل بالرغم من ايفائه وبكل اسى من لحم القضية وارضها وليس فقط ابنائها ، لم تنل فيه المرأة الا الحصة التي رماها امامها الرجل . فلا الحصة الشرعية ولا تلك المناسبة لنضالها … تلك فقط التي املاها المجتمع الذكوري التي حافظت هي على بقائه واستحسنت بما ظنته دهاءا منها الحصول على بعض الحقوق فيه . فالمرأة الفلسطينية تشبه المجتمع العربي ، وتاريخه الحديث . تسعى بالاساس من اجل حقوق حقيقية وحريتها هي قلادتها التي تقسم بها ، ولكنها كالعرب في سعيهم وراء التخلص من الاستبداد ، تخلصوا من مستبد ليقعوا في معتد غاشم وهكذا دواليك .

قراءاتي لتلك السير الجميلة الحقيقية الهادفة الساعية فعلا وحقا وراء الحرية ، اوقفتني في اماكن تاريخية اخرى ، لا بد البحث فيها بوعي اكثر . وجعلتني اقف لاختم امام التساؤلات التائهة التالية :

تلك الفترة الاخيرة للخلافة العثمانية ، والتي رافقتها مذابح الارمن واليونان والاسيريين واستبداد وسفك للدم العربي من قبل جمال باشا (السفاح) ، الذي نجح باقناع العرب بدءا بالالتفاف نحوه للتخلص من السلطان عبد الحميد ، ليعوا وبسرعة فائقة بأنه كان كارها للعرب وحاقدا عليهم .وما تذمروا منه من تهميش بحقهم من عبد الحميد كان زوبعة في فنجان .فلا نزال نحن العرب نعتمد على المسلسلات التركية وسرايا عابدين لتكون منبرنا الثقافي لفهم التاريخ . فلقد نشأنا على كرهنا للاتراك والسلطنة العثمانية ،رامين وراءنا كل ذلك التاريخ العظيم للخلافة الممتدة في أرجاء المعمورة ، وكأجدادنا احتفلنا بما كان سقوطا لليبيا والشام وما صار يتردد على لساننا من “مستعمرات عثمانية على ايدي الاستعمار الغربي الذي فتحنا له اذرعنا وتحالفنا معه . لننتبه وبوقت قياسي اخر لا يحتمل الشك باننا تحالفنا مع الشيطان . فاصبح حليف الامس عدو اليوم ، وهكذا توالت علينا الائتلافات والمؤامرات وتشكل عالم عربي بني اصلا على باطل. ففي رحلتنا بالتخلص من البطش العثماني الذي لا افهم بعد كيف توقف عن كونه مسلما بالنسبة الينا ، رمينا انفسنا نحو خلاص مع عدو كان دائما معرف . فهل كانت تلك سذاجة ام خيانة ؟ ام ان القهر كان هكذا مستفحلا رمانا طوعا في حضن الشيطان ؟ وكم يشبه ذلك الحال حالنا اليوم . عندما يفكر المقدسي منا بالذهاب طوعا للحصول على الجنسية الاسرائيلية . حينما يتحالف المسلم في العراق وسوريا على اخيه المسلم مع المرتزقة او الامريكي المحتل او غيره من متآمرون ضده ولا يأبه الا بالانتقام او الهروب نحو خلاصه فقط. ما نراه في تناحر فيما بين الفلسطينيين بين فتح وحماس ، وما بين المصريين في شرخ قسم الشعب الى اخوان وغير اخوان . وبين حوثيين في اليمن شيعة يجب قتلهم وبين حزم امر عرب على التحالف على العرب انفسهم . بين ابتهاج وتهليل لمصائبنا التي غضضنا الطرف عنها في سبيل التخلص من الاخر منا الذي انتدبناه الد عداوة من اعدائنا .

وتساؤل نحو الواقع كذلك ، كيف تتكشف لنا الايام هذه عن خطة كانت منذ اليوم الاول يتم تنفيذها وكنا نحن العرب نضحد تصديقها واستمرت بالتكشف واستمرينا بالانكار حتى اصبحنا جزءا منها . فما اشبه ما نعيشه اليوم بالذي جرى علينا يوم ساهمنا بالتخلص من الامبراطورية العثمانية وهللنا لسقوطها واعلنناها العدو الاكبر لنا . وكحالنا اليوم نجري وراء فتات ما كان ارضا ووطنا وقضية . …

نعيش نفس التيه … ونمارس نفس الجهل … ولا نزال نقع في نفس الاخطاء والتي لم يعد لها تعريف الا بالخطايا ولا نزال نكررها وبلا حياء….