Death.. the absent the present

Death the absent the present …. To the good memory of my dear friend Omar Badrieh , May your soul rest in peace In the hectic way of life . With all the strangely bad news that is moving around . One would say , it is all part of the movement of life . […]

In the Shadows of Men : Road Map

ROAD MAP When I left my husband, I took with me a map that I drew carefully and modestly. The most important thing was that I would never again rely on a man. I had to remember that the greatest gain from the divorce was getting away, unlocking those chains and freeing myself from the […]

Incoherence of humanity: The sea and it’s redemption shores

The scene that broke the internet in the last few days of the Syrian toddler flushed on the sea shore dead brought to my mind with all its cruelty, the scene of the four Palestinian children who were killed last year on Gaza beach by Israeli missiles while playing football. Between two images of children […]

في رثاء شهيد

في قلبي غصة تعتصر بداخلي حرقا على ام تبكي ولدها حزنا لن يجف وعلى اب علت صرخات نحيبه قهرا لعلها اخترقت السماء في قلبي غصة كل ام ترجو من الدنيا ولدا لا يخالجها ابدا ان تبكيه وان تواريه هي الثرى في قلبي دمعة من دموع تلك الامهات اللاتي ثكلت بفلذاتها دمعة كالبرد المدوي تضرب في […]

An ethical Shame

Something inside me is still stirring about the trip to Anata. Something should get out in writing, and something about it is still refraining. Part of it, feeling the uselessness of talking about the same issues again and again. I remember eight or nine years ago when I participated in the rebuilding camp experience and […]

A real Reflection on Reality : Facts and Figures on East Jerusalem 2015

This is what makes a real reflection on Reality : A new report by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) provides a concerning overview of the human rights situation for Palestinians in Jerusalem. The report – East Jerusalem: Facts and Figures 2015 – paints a picture of persistent neglect and increasing violence. Facts […]

Incoherence of a Nation : Death Sentence Against Mursi

Death Sentence against Mursi I have been trying my best to avoid indulging in the topic. Keeping distance from other nations affairs. IT should be the Palestinian trauma of the fall of Mursi and Hamas when suddenly all this massive huge tens and tens and dozens of times exceed us Palestinians and Palestine in population […]

Nakba.. 67 years and a day after .. a reflection

Nakba. 67 years and a day after. Well. It is still Nakba, with continuous de-digestion. Some parents practically locked up their teenagers from leaving their homes ( I was among those he literally begged my teenager not to abandon the house for any reason . I was into any of his  blackmailing tactics on such […]

On Nakba and Independence

On Nakba and Independence… heated discourse

Re-reading Nakba

Re-reading Nakba As the social media is flooding with statuses and articles about Balfour declaration in these days, commemorating the 100th year of a promise to a Jewish homeland, that set the ground of the creation of the State of Israel.  I feel for the first time in my life as an adult that I […]

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