Video of Israeli bulldozer bulldozes a young Palestinian

Gaza , Syria and the Israeli Elections

  Once again, an invasion strikes Gaza after a horrific scene of an Israeli Bulldozer bulldozing a Palestinian man inside Khan Yunis. Once again, the aggressor becomes the defender. The victim becomes the one to be blamed. Israel with its brutal face, continue to kill. To prove yet once again that the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians […]

from the Gaza Auschwitz with democracy greetings of peace and Justice

Sometimes, words fail us in expressing the horror we witness. The photo of today’s Palestinian young man’s corpse in Gaza- Khan Younis, hanging from an Israeli Occupation bulldozer, only reflects the horrific reality of Israel. In what seems to be a historical U-turn in the so called free world perception of democracy and justice. This […]

الانتخابات الإسرائيلية: كلاكيت ثالث مرة نتانياهو أو غانتس أو المرحوم رابين؟

الانتخابات الإسرائيلية: كلاكيت ثالث مرة نتانياهو أو غانتس أو المرحوم رابين؟   كما في كل مرة، حمى الانتخابات تتصاعد، لدرجة تشعر بها أنك ان لم تفهم ما يدور قبل انتخاب الرجل المسيطر القادم، ستدوسك عجلات صفقة القرن هذه المرة. أعلنت صفقة القرن لتكون جزء من حملة تناصر وتخدم نتانياهو لتأكيد غلبته هذه المرة رغم قرار […]

In the Shadows of Men: Searching for a Man

SEARCHING FOR A MAN   I began searching for a man who could give me shade and comfort, a man whose comfort I could not live without. God was living inside me, silent and immobile, not providing any comfort. I was filled with distrust while a storm raged around me. I was searching for support […]

What is happening in reaction to the Century’s Deal?

What is happening in reaction to the Century’s Deal? Of course it could be all coincidental, after all, there is nothing left but coincidences within a reality of deterioration on all levels. Are the Palestinian prospected leaders waiting for the moment after Abu Mazen’s death or the moment in implementing the Trump’s Deal of the […]

Photo shooting session promoting Zoe for my upcoming novel : A memoir of a dog.

It all started when our dog brownie was abducted once again. At some point I looked into his eyes and thought; this dog is not happy with us. It cannot get more dangerous … Zoe on the other side , learnt from the lesson of the dangerous environment out there. At that moment I decided […]

شوفونا … حلقة الأحزاب السياسية 1

And a reflection on the Bitterness of Reality

As we are living this massive israelization to Jerusalem as never before, we are also witnessing a colossal thump on our national identity . We are torn into a Fateh and Hamas ,and the occupation is surrounding us expanding its colonies, israelizing our homes and roads, enclaving us with additional walls and barriers . The […]

When creativity reaches its peak: the logo of Bethlehem’s 2020 : Capital of Culture

English Below من الصعب استيعاب لوغو بيت لحم عاصمة الثقافة من النظرة الاولى ولا الثانية ولا الثالثة . بالنظرة الرابعة تبدأ بالسؤال عن علاق الزخارف والأشكال بالتراث والثقافة الفلسطينية . جميل يذكرنا بافريقيا . هل تلك شجرة زيتون ؟؟ ربما ، ولكنها لم تبد لي كالزيتون الذي اعرف . وكنيسة المهد المفترضة تشبه الكنائس بالأفلام […]

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